• Apollomi walks into the dorm room and sits next to Luna on her bed. She looked worried and upset. Luna wasn't stupid. She knew Apollomi was Thinking about Xavier. She was in love with Xavier Krad and she barely even knew him. She knew how she felt.... Luna felt the same way about Gaberial Krad. It felt so strange. They were drawn to the brother in a way neither of them could undestand. No matter how much they wanted to deny it they couldn't stay away from them. It was all so odd.

    Luna: What's wrong with you Mi-mi...? (as if she didn't know) This wouldn't happen to be about Xavier would it?

    Apollomi: I don't know about him Luna... I just don't think he is instrested. Whats wrong with me? Am I really that weird....? Or am I so repulsive that he doesn't want to be with me?

    Luna: Are you freaking kidding me? Seriously... he's pratically been stalking you since the day you met.... you're being silly Apollomi. You're a beautiful girl don't ever let anyone tell you any diffrent. He's just shy.... he'll come around.

    Apollomi: I don't know Luna... you could be right... but.... still... I can't help but think I'm not good enough... anyway... What about Gaberial? Hows that going?

    Luna looks down at the ground.

    Luna: (Sighs) Honestly I shouldn't be telling you that you're being stupid. I am feeling the same way... I don't think I will ever be good enough for Gaberial.

    Apollomi: uh huh... and why is that?

    Luna: I feel so plain next to him... I am so avarage compared to him... It's like a peasant next to a god...

    Apollomi pinches Luna's arm.

    Luna: Ow! What the hell did you do that for?

    Apollomi: Quit being such a emo kid. You told me I was beautiful and basically not to give up.... so you can't either. Your beautiful to Luna, and Gaberial is sooo into you.

    Luna: I just wish he'd give me a freaking sign already it would make it soo much easier.

    Apollomi: I know wouldn't it... hey don't you and Gaberial have a date at the movies tonight?

    Luna: Yea... why?

    Apollomi: You should ask him out... I mean come on face it he doesn't know what he's doing.

    Luna: I had planned on it.

    Apollomi: Go luck with that... I think I'll stay home and catch up on my homework.

    Luna: About that....

    Apollomi: What? Homework?

    Luna: You can't stay home tonight... you have to come with me...

    Apollomi: Hate to be the one to tell you but I don't plan on going to the movies with you and Gaberial.... I hate being the third wheel.

    Luna: Well.... you won't be....

    Apollomi: What the hell are you talking about Luna? what did you do? I don't do the whole blind date bull.

    Luna: I didn't say you didn't know him. Let me explain....

    Apollomi glares at Luna.

    Apollomi: Explain what?

    Luna: Well since you an I are sisters and Gaberial and Xavier.....

    Apollomi: You told him I'd go with Xavier didn't you?

    Luna: Yes.... come on Mi-Mi... tonight would be the perfect night to ask him...

    Apollomi: No there is no way in hell I'm doing that... I am soo not going.

    Luna turns to Apollomi with pleading eyes.

    Luna: Come on Mi-Mi you're the one who always says it's better to know than to wonder what could've been... Plus no pressure you don't have to ask him if you don't want to.

    Apollomi: Fine I'll go and I'll no doubt make a fool of myself...

    Luna: No you wont!

    Apollomi: I will if he says no...

    Luna: You mean you're going to ask him?

    Apollomi: Call me crazy but yes I am going to ask him.

    Luna: Don't worry Mi-Mi what ever happens you still got me.

    Apollomi: I don't know why but...

    Luna: Yes?

    Apollomi: For some reason I can't explain... I am afraid he'll say no... and if that happens I don't think I'd want to live.

    Luna: Shut up.... you're being such a drama queen... come on hurry we have to get ready... we have to look our best.

    Luna knew inside that she felt the same way as Apollomi... She couldn't see herself with anyone but Gaberial.

    Apollomi and Luna spent two hours preparing for their dates with the brothers.... fianlly after trying on countless outfits they found the perfect Gothic Lolita outfits....

    Apollomi and luna got into their red and black Mustang and started heading to the theater. Then Luna's cell phone rang.

    Luna: Oh crap.... it's Gaberial... I wonder what he wants.... I hope he isn't going to cancel...

    Apollomi: (Groans) well don't you think you should answer it and see?

    Luna: Oh right!

    Luna answers the phone.

    Luna: Well hello... we're on our way... huh... oh it's fine take your time.... we'll meet you at the theater. seriously it's not a big deal.... Okay.... bye.

    Luna looks upset as she pushes the END button and sits the phone on the dash board.

    Apollomi: What is it? They're not standing us up are they?

    Luna: Oh... no they have family in town visting they're taking their little sister to the park... she wants to go to the pond in the moonlight with her brothers before she goes home... they'll meet us at the theater in like ten.

    Apollomi: Okay...

    Apollomi turns on the radio and they start singing along to HIM'S vampire heart. Just as the song changes to slipknot they hear what sounds like a small child scream.

    Apollomi: WTF was that?

    Luna didn't say nothing... she just stared at Apollomi in horror.

    Apollomi: Hello earth to Luna what the hell is wrong with you.

    Luna: STOP!

    Apollomi: what th.....

    Luna: Just do it.

    Apollomi slams on the breaks....

    Apollomi: what's wrong?

    Luna: That scream...

    Apollomi: forget about it Luna it's none of our buisnness... It's best if we stay out of it.

    Luna: It came from the park...

    Apollomi: Like I said I think it's best if we.... Wait

    Apollomi looked at Luna horror stuck...

    Apollomi: Which park did they say they were going to....?

    Luna: There's only one park with a pond around here.... and it's the one we just passed.

    Apollomi does a mainiac U-turn and sped back to the park.

    Luna: You don't think they're in trouble do you?

    Apollomi: I don't know... only one way to find out though...

    Luna: Seriously... what can we do if they are...

    Apollomi reaches under her seat and pulls a pistol.

    Luna: What the hell Apollomi... what are you doing?

    Apollomi: If they're in trouble we have to do something... we are powerless without protection.

    Luna nodded her head in understanding. She knew how Apollomi felt... she felt it too... she couldn't stand for anything to happen to Gaberial. They pulled into the parking lot at the Park. They could feel it.... They knew something bad was about to happen.