• The plan was commencing. The Damont sisters were planning their operation to put their best friend and their big brother together.
    "We should just keep pushing them until they crack." Jade said. "Depending on their stubbornness, I'm thinking that this will be way more harder than our last plans."
    They all agreed and groaned at the idea of putting them together.
    Gabrielle was the only one to look on the bright side. "Well at least we'll be helping them with a new relationship." That was the only bright side that would come out of this experience.
    Jami nodded and formed a determined look on her face, even though on the inside she knew that it would turn out into a tragedy. "Yeah! Maybe if we all pitch in we'll make this relationship work out faster."
    Kirsten's Point Of View

    Talking with Leon was fun. I learned a lot about him. It's strange how I can communicate with one person after just one day.
    "You know," I started. "It's nice to be able to talk to someone about this stuff. Especially when you can get some joy out of it."
    He chuckled once again. "Well we seem to have a lot in common. It's like we were destined to be friends."
    I nodded. If it were possible I'd like to be a little more than that.
    We looked over to the doorway and saw a small girl that looked to be about 5 years old.
    I moved my gaze to Leon, looking slightly confused.
    He chuckled and turned to the small sleepy girl. "Hey AJ."
    She smiled with drowsy eyes and walked up to Leon, and sat on his lap. "Leon I can't sleep."
    He wrapped his arms around the young toddler and gave her a kiss on the cheek. "You want me to sing you a lullaby?"
    She nodded and rested her head against Leon's arm like a baby getting ready for bed.
    He started singing:
    "This is what I brought you
    This you can keep
    This is what I brought you
    May forget me
    I promise to depart
    I promise one thing
    Kiss my eyes and lay me to sleep"
    After that line, Leon kissed her eyes once they were fully closed.
    To me his voice was vivid. It made him sound like an angel from heaven.
    The thing that got me suspicious is the lyrics to the lullaby. It was very familiar to me. I hate this. It's on the tip of my tongue but I can't seem to have it in my brain.
    He started singing another verse:
    "This is what I thought
    I thought you need me
    This is what I thought
    So think me naive
    I promise you my heart
    You promise to keep
    Kiss my eyes and lay me to sleep"
    Once again, he placed light kissed on her eyelid. Every verse he sang made a smile grow wider in my face.
    He sang one last line in a whisper:
    "Kiss my eyes and lay me to... Sleep"
    By the look on AJ's face, I knew she was that she was in a peaceful sleep. I couldn't help but reach my hand out and brush some hair out of her face.
    "Who is she?" Was the first thing that had to ask the minute she walked through the doorway.
    "She's one of the chef's daughters. They live here since they've been low on money. They've become like family ever since."
    I can see now that this family has a way with people. They're not like the snobby rich people that only care about themselves.
    As I watched Leon cradled AJ in his arms, I could actually picture him becoming a father someday. His experience in this house with his sisters and this one little girl seems to have turned him into the man he is today.
    He gave another kiss on AJ's forehead and smiled. "We should get AJ to bed now."
    I nodded. "That would be a good idea."
    We both got up from our seats. I heard a slight grunt from Leon. Was AJ really that heavy?
    "You okay?" I asked concerned.
    "Yeah." He replied. "I'll be fine. I'm just not used to carrying little kids."
    With a giggle from me, we proceeded to walk up the stairs. It was a quiet walk, but somewhat comfortable. No awkwardness at all. The atmosphere felt like you had the right to do anything.
    "So." I said, "AJ must be like another sister."
    He nodded, keeping a tight, yet comfortable grip on AJ. "She's easier to take care of than my sisters." He started to list all the things that were easier for him. "She listens without argument, thinks positive, makes me laugh, mostly has a great time, cares for others, she's even great help in the house."
    I was surprised. This girl came in one big package. Maybe the phrase, "Small things come in big packages." Is something that happens with this family a lot.
    "That lullaby you sang," He turned his head to me. "It sounded really familiar."
    "Oh." He piped. "That's not really a lullaby." I raised my eyebrow. He tried his best to smile under his embarrassment. "It's actually the Prelude to Miss Murder by AFI."
    Now I remember!
    "I can see why you sang that to her. Now that I think about it, it does sound more like a lullaby than a rock sort of thing."
    He nodded. "That's why I sing that to her every night." He looked at AJ's peaceful face. "It's nice to sing to her. Every time I sing a part, I'm always making a promise to her that I will be with her the next day." His face slowly started to turn into a sad expression. "It's gonna be harder now to keep that promise." My face was filled with confusion. He continued. "I might become my dad's trainee in the company. I'm not gonna see much of my family anymore."
    The mood in the atmosphere slowly became solemn as we finally came to a regular white door.
    Leon motioned his head, silently asking if I could open the door. I nodded and turned the brass nob.I switched the light on and saw that the room had a lot of dolls and teddy bears.
    "Wow." Was the only thing that I could comment on this room. This reminded me of my room 10 years ago. "This is a lot of stuff."
    I heard Leon chuckle behind me. I turned around and found that he was already tucking AJ into bed with one last kiss on the head. He made sure that the night light was turned on and gestured me to follow him out of the room.
    I quietly rushed to his side and went out the door. Before we left, Leon took one last look at AJ before turning off the light and closing the door.
    "And that's how it's done." His slyness seemed.... Stupid.
    But in a funny dorky way.

    To Be Continued.....