• Chapter Eight

    Annabel’s Cottage

    She sat in the living room looking out the window listening to the bells in the distance. Annabel plays with her wedding ring hoping Surhomme will be able to find her sister and will be safe. The front door of the house slams close as footsteps stomp through the halls. Annabel Turns to see Surhomme, sweat on his forehead breathing hard. She runs up to him holding him tight, making sure he won’t disappear. “Did you find her?” Annabel asks. He kisses her head, “No I was unable to continue to search. Somehow I felt like I was being followed.” Annabel looks up to him, “Was Someone following you?” He nods. Surhomme watches as her lip terrible knowing who it was. Juaquin has been keeping a close eye on them since her sister disappeared. He wants to kill her. “I kill him first before he can lay a hand on Kali!” Surhomme calms her, holding her tight. “I heard from one the Polizi that when she left the school she called herself Zauberei.” He pauses a moment, “I think that was the name her mother gave her. Then it hit me. Maybe she went to the other village, Magische village. It is the only place I can think of.” Annabel stand for a while thinking. Surhomme watches as his wife grabs one of the servants and told him to get two horses saddle up. She then takes a bag of some food. “Well what are we waiting for? My sister is waiting for me,” She calls as they walk out the door.

    Magische Village

    Some of the men of the village just got back from cutting down some trees for the market. With them Drako carries a huge log which will be use in his workshop. The other men join him as they sit and rest. It became very hot this morning from the brightly shinnying sun. It too was bothering Drako, as well as the other workers. The men sat around talking on this morning subject, the woman from yesterday. “I wonder how that girl fell in the water?” one asked as another answer, “I heard she was flying using magic,” They all laugh. A young man that was walking by join in the conversation, “I was walking by the house this morning. So I designed to have a look on her.” The rest of the men turn to him wanting to know more. The man continues, “Well the village kids were sitting in there with her listening to some stories she was telling. But that was not what got me some drawn to her. It was her beauty,” All the men sigh as the lean on each others shoulder laughing. Drako sits there laughing with them. “Well as I stood there listening I guess I wasn’t paying attention, But the children and her were looking at me! I was about to leave, but she invited me to come in.” They all praise him in a manly way. Drako soon became more drawn to this for it reminded him of someone he knows. “Well, I got the nerve to ask about her. She told me how she got out of the Paradijs Weile.” They all groaned in anger. They all hated the school for what they do to the children. Soon they all stop as he continues, “I look all over her as she continues to talk, and I couldn’t help it I was captured by her beauty. Then I noticed she was wearing a medallion with a smeraldo stone in the middle,” This caught Drako’s attention. He soon has the feeling that it might be Kali. “Did you get a look of her eyes and hair?” They all turn to him with suspicion on their face. Then they turn to the man for the answer, “Well of course I would know it since she was appealing to my eyes. She has midnight blue eyes and brown highlights.” Drako jumps from his seat and runs into the market looking left and right. The man points in the direction of the house as Drako ran off. He knew it is Kali. As he ran to the house he could feel his heart race to a faster beat. He gets to the house to find that she has left with the mayor. The lady directs Drako in another direction to where the ladies head of to. He began once more running pass the people. He jumps over a cart, not knocking down any item that was in top. He stops himself from falling by jumping once more to land on his feet. He looks in front of him to find that the rode he is on ends. Drako growls with frustration. He turns around to run the other direction. At that moment he runs into a young woman. He makes an apology then he continues on his way. “That’s it no hello?” The woman calls back. He stops in his tracks. Drako recognizes her voice, even just hearing it once he would know who it was. He looks back to see her standing there in a white gown. She allows a smile to slip on her face. He stands there not moving his feet, afraid that if he moves she would disappear. “Well if that is all you are going to do then I guess I will go.” Zauberei says as she turns around walking away. Before Drako could think, his legs began to move from a walk to a run. He runs towards her, picking her up and spinning her around in the air. She began to laugh as he joins in with her. He finally places her back on her feet not letting her go. Zauberei begins to feel tear drops fall on her shoulder. Drako Places his head on her shoulder taking in deep breathes. “Are you al’right Drako, what wrong?” she whispers. She hears him laugh a little, “I thought I lost you a long time ago.” He whispers back. Zauberei hold on to him evening more to comfort him, letting him know she is here. “I am going nowhere. You don’t have to worry anymore.” She answers. Drako finally lifts his head from her shoulder whipping his face with his arm. He lets his arm out to allow Zauberei to hold on to it. “I want to show you the village now if that is ok with you?” he asks her. She laughs as she takes his arm in a lady’s way. “I would be honored to sir, but you must not call me Kali for I am actually Zauberei” she replies. He smiles back as they both walk through the village talking to on another.

    In the Forest

    Annabel directs her horse in an area that is safe for the horse to walk on. Surhomme is riding his horse, behind his wife. He keeps looking everywhere to see if Juaquin is following them. As he is doing that Annabel is keeping an eye out for her sister. Surhomme looks ahead at his two strongest men ride between Annabel and him. Both his are Magische and live in the Magische village. They bring news to him of ant sort that might help them search for his sister-in-law. Surhomme trust the Magische people to work at their home if it provides them money for their family or food as well. Annabel slows down her horse to match strides of Surhomme’s horse. “Honey will we be able to find her before sun down or get to the village in time?” she asks. He turns to look at her to find her eyes half way close. He watches a tear fall from her face to the bottom of her chin. He leans to the side placing a kiss on her cheek. “We will do our best to find her today, if not we have tomorrow to search as well” he replies. He kisses her once more on the lips before giving the men torches as the forest grew darker by the minute. Annabel shivers from the cold wondering if she will ever find her younger sister. She turns back to her husband, “Surhomme will you hold me?” she asks with a quivering voice. He stretches out his arm to her. She leans forward as he pulls her in front of him onto his horse. One of the men took Annabel’s horse as they lit their torches. Surhomme watches as she falls asleep in his arm. They continue to go on until one of the men stops and turns back to Surhomme. “I am sorry sir but it is getting to dark to continue on. If we do, might get lost or worse might be attack by wild animals.” He sighs as they turn the horses around and head back to the cottage. Surhomme pulls Annabel’s hair from her face allowing him to see her beautiful face. “I am sorry, my dear, but we won’t be able to find her today. But we will continue our search tomorrow.” He looks towards the sky letting out a silent pray to God. “But I promise I will not let anything happen to your sister… I promise.”