• Ch. 3 Escape

    “Fan out! Find cover and sweep horizontal fire vectors across the room!” Vet ordered. The stack immediately broke and fired in random spots in the grav room. “Start falling into the next hanger bay, we must find a transport!” The team swiftly acknowledged with a flurry of guttural grunts and clicks. The Tech’s hands flew across the door controls, moving shape after symbol into a discernable pattern.
    As the large, octahedral door slowly parted, Vet moved his team into the hanger bay, not waiting for the Tech Master. The crimson-clad Major leveled his carbine and shot the door controls. Immediately turning red, the door slammed shut. The only sound that escaped was that of the Tech, screaming for his life on the other side.
    Vet turned to his team. “Let us continue,” he growled. Not a wavering glance in sight, the Strike Team moved on.