• There was nothing I could have done. The car swerved into my line within seconds. Who ever it was had been going the wrong way on the freeway and was now heading at seventy miles per hour towards my car. I tried to get out of the way bit with a truck and a jeep on both sides of me I could hardly move. The car came head on. It had slowed down to about forty before it hit me. I was already at thirty by the time our cars collided. My car screech as the front crumbled, almost like a sponge.

    The steering wheel moved a whole foot in front of me and the car tipped over onto its side. It was skidding along the road some ways with a screechy protest. I was only a few yards away from the other car that had come to a complete stop. By now I was pinned and it felt like my ribs were being crushed into a fine dust. My head was pounding and my vision began to blur. I saw fuzzy light, looking like a watercolor painting with no purpose, and it became brighter. Some one was walking towards the car I was in and the light got closer. Somewhere outside in the soon to be crowd I could hear someone screaming. The noise all around was fading, dying down as my sight began to die.

    Earlier that day I had been home with my parents. It was summer and I was on vacation from my sophomore year in college. It was not what I’d say as a long welcomed home greeting. I had decided to surprise them and come home early. Dad was out getting hardware for his new project and I was sitting in my car, starring at the door. Mom was sitting on the couch reading and I could see her through the living room window.

    My mind was racing with worried thoughts as I stepped out of the car. When I entered she looked up in shock and I sat down. We stayed there talking for well over an hour. My father drove up into the driveway and stopped looking at my car. When he entered the house I received a warm welcome. All the fighting didn’t start until just before dinner. I yelled at them and told them lies that now in this car I regret. I said I didn’t love them and that they were the worst parents on earth. I had said a lot more and for worse statements before I left. I didn’t even wait for my brothers to get home as I got in my car. It was about ten o’clock when the car had smashed into mine. I was going back home to tell them I was sorry and wrong. This one person was able to impede that process when I was only four miles away from home.

    As I drifted away I found myself thinking more about them. Obviously the driver in the other car was drunk but was the person dead or alive? I focused my eyes to see the other car. A pair of legs was directly in my way so I shifted uncomfortably to look. Everything was going blurry again but I got a glimpse. The driver was dead with his head through the front window. Blood was everywhere on the glass. I managed to move a little again and saw that I was also bleeding. It was all over the front of me and my skirt was drenched in it. Pain was almost noticeable to me. I began to cry.

    They always told me life was short so don’t throw it away and hold onto your dreams. One thing they never said was that all that truly mattered in the end was family. I had hurt them and now could never tell them how sorry I am. I knew I was going to die. That was the one thing clear in my mind. I wanted more than anything to see them again and tell them how much I love them. If only I could for just an instant. It hurt, not being able to move, being stuck in such a lonely mess. I was coughing up blood when I felt someone lightly touch my wrist. The heavy item on my stomach was lifted away. I hardly felt anything as they lifted me up onto a stretcher. I was going to the hospital. My mind was so unorganized that I could hardly think or process what was going on around me. I remember seeing an image of someone surrounded by light up above me. I remembered and saw nothing else as I blacked out.

    Someone was stroking my hair when I opened my eyes. I still couldn’t move. My throat felt extremely dry and more like cracked clay. My mother was sitting be me smiling down at me. Tears were in her eyes and I couldn’t speak. My father was over in the corner sleeping. At least he looked like he was sleeping to me. I didn’t know why but I felt relieved. Something was bothering me though. Why was I still alive? I knew what happened and I knew there was no way I should still be among the living. I saw the small bottle of oil half full in my dad’s hands. It was attached to his keys and it looked almost minuscule. He had given me a blessing. At this point I realized someone else was in the room. One of my old best friends sat in the corner quietly praying. He looked calm and grateful. I was given another chance to set things right.

    With an incredible amount of effort I whispered one word to sum it all. “Sorry…” It was too much to try and say anything more. Everyone in the room was now looking at me and crying. I felt my mother squeeze my hand and give a slight nod. That was when I began to truly understand. No blessing was going to save me any more time with my family on earth. I smiled and silently thanked them. When I closed my eyes I began to offer up a prayer and with it my soul. Before I left I heard myself say another word to them all. “Good-bye.” I could see light once more and I let death take me away.