• Transmission found, transmission enables….. If you are hearing this than all is lost. I am Lt. Kelly of the US space and military marine corp. About ten years ago the military discovered something unknown floating among the earth’s atmosphere . In-between the debris that surrounded the planet a creature floated frozen solid from the temperature of the darkness that is space. The creature in question was secure in a nearby space station. Within a month all transmissions had completely stopped from the space station. The military quickly became concerned and sent a strike team to find out why all transmission had stopped. When me and my commanding officers landed in the shuttle bay landing area the first thing we noticed was that the station was in complete silence. Not a sound could be heard it was as if everything even the station itself had shut completely down. We made our way to central command. Along the way we noticed along the walls a sticky like substance almost like a living web had covered most if not all of the station. At the command bridge once my commanding officer active the power switch a hologram of the leading scientist on the station appeared. He was in a panic and he looked as if he was sick. His message as we watched was that we all feared. The creature according to the scientist was a queen. After it had defrosted in the holding bay it start to reproduce and quickly. Within days the holding bay was covered in the web like substance that we had seen coming in and within weeks eggs hidden in the substance started to appear. Toward the end of the first three weeks the eggs had hatched and some how the alien creatures which when hatched look like hands of some sort were all over the ship. They had in a attempt to stop the creatures from spreading farther had separated the different compartments, but to no avail. They spread quickly, but unlike what the scientist expected them to dl all they did was attach themselves to their preys face than after a day or two fall off and die. The lead scientist continued with his explanation as they soon discovered after a close examination of the creatures remains these hand like creatures were on carriers and soon everyone who had been attacked by the creature were starting to complain of pains in their abdomen. Within hours we found bodies, their rib cage bursting from the inside outwards and the person dead. This is where the scientist transmission ended as a scream could be heard in the background and a black bug like creature with a no eyes appeared on screen. The commanding officer at the time looked at each of us in horror as deep in the ship we heard something, something that sent shivers down are spines. A shriek unlike anything heard before. The commanding officer quickly gave orders for us to retreat to the landing bay, but at the time well we didn’t really have time. We started running back toward our shuttle only half of us made it. I barely made it myself as I watched in horror with wide eyes as the men disappeared into the darkness and something slithered or crawled along the ceiling above us. When we reached the shuttle we thought w had made it home clear. We were sadly mistaken.
    Once we reached our home planet of earth we were suddenly arrested and put into jail cells they said we had killed off everyone in the station, but that was only a lie they used us as cover up. A few months later I heard reports from my cell of the same station had crashed due to technically problems. Within days of the crash, reports started to spill in from the news as black bug like creatures started to appear throughout the nearby towns and cities. The military was now at a loss. With the crash of the station the creatures later dubbed as Xenomorphs or those like me who faced them before, bugs. The following days that followed were a living nightmare. I was quickly released from my cell along with anyone else who could fight or have fought these creatures before, but to no avail we failed. They spread quickly throughout the world like insects. Nothing we did stopped them. With the planet in chaos we were desperate. Our hope came in the form of another visitor from space, creatures who wore strange armor. They hunted like nothing we have never seen before. They were strong, stealthy, and knew how to take out the Xenomorphs, but these hunters we called Predators were are enemies. They hunted both human survivors and the bugs.
    After months of struggling against both races the Predators managed to take out the queen of the aliens. We humans gave a breath of relief for with the queen’s death the predators would leave the planet and the Xenomorphs would be in chaos. We were wrong. A new queen rose to take the place of the old one, but this queen was different. This queen wasn’t even pure alien or anything it was large, and practically invincible. Even the predators fell to hr might as her rage covered the entire planet her shrieks could be heard for miles. None of us stood a chance. I repeat if your reading this than all is lost, we are going to attempt to use the few remaining undercover bombs to take out half the planet we hope it works if it doesn’t than the codes to the missile bay are recorded along with this transmission. You are our last hope Lt. Kelly out….

    This happened within a few years, within a century the planet had completely fallen under the new queens control. Humans and Predators alike lived underground in fear of the surface world and what inhabited it. Now we come to the present day. The cities are in ruins, heroes few and now we draw your attention to the city of New York.

    In the ruins of the city a Xenomorph sat in the shadows watching the area around it. The new queen had ordered him to investigate a possible new sitting of more prey in this barren wasteland and he obeyed without a second thought. He hissed lowly as he noticed something moving in the shadows and stalked closer to it hoping to please his new queen with good news. That was his last though as he felt something pierce through his chest. A snarl could be heard and another creature something different from the other Xenomorphs stepped out from the shadows. It was a predalien a sub species of Xenomorph made from a predator host. He had been stalking this city for some time now suspecting that the new queen may be hidden nearby. He unlike other aliens still maintained his host memories and intelligences. He hated the new queen for the fact she thought she could control anyone and it was his goal to do what so many others have failed to do, destroy her and her so called empire. So restarts the Alien Vs Predator War, but this time the aliens have a threat from their own.

    Present day… Year 2226...In the ruins of New York City.

    A soft hiss could be heard from under the cities pipes as a creature moved through the sewers quietly keeping in the shadows as he moved. His tail twitched as he moved along the ceiling and he came to a complete stop and looked around. Though he had no eyes he could easily see nothing had lived down here for some time now or for that matter could ever live down here. Up at the surface he tilted his head back and heard a building or what was left of one crumble to the ground under the fierce wind. It was the winter months and a fierce blizzard had hit the city sometime last night while he had been resting. Being a creature who hates the cold he had been forced deeper under the city to find shelter and so far all his search had found was some old subway tunnels and these sewers. While normally he would have gladly stayed in the sewers he was trying to stay in hiding for a reason and the sewers is the first place they would look for one of his kind. He hissed and continued along his way. It has been some months since he had moved to this area of city and since than he has been noticing a increase in the queen’s drones moving through the landscape. They were looking for something though he wasn’t entirely sure exactly what it was they were looking for. It irked him a bit that the queen had so far managed to always end up exactly where he was as if she was following him for no apparent reason. In truth he was getting extremely annoyed and for being part alien and part predator it wasn’t settling well.