• Dear Mom and Dad,
    My early life was spent in trouble. I got in fights a lot. Not that it was my fault, I got attacked a lot. And you just don’t understand that. I couldn’t cover my tracks well enough and they continued to find us. I can’t put you and the rest of the family in danger any longer. Do not look for me I’ll be fine I can take care of myself. I’ll find you when it’s safe.
    Please ask Maria or Rowena if you have any questions. They’ll tell you what they are able to.
    With all my love,
    I can hardly stand knowing that I broke my parents’ hearts by leaving them, but my twins will protect them, I did the right thing. I have to believe that.
    I hope with all my heart my twins don’t decide to go all soft when mom and dad interrogate them. If they find out about the Old World their lives would be in grave danger.
    I love being part of the Old World, I hate the danger that comes from being 1 of 3 of the second most powerful in it, but I love being part of it. I love the connection I have to my twins. You see we’re psychic and we can each control an element. Me I control fire, Maria controls water, and Rowena controls earth.
    We are 1 of many types of mythical creatures in the Old World, including vampires, werewolves, shape-shifters, ghosts, and even witches, even though humans get everything wrong when they judge the Old World. Vampires are just like humans save the speed and strength, and the fact that they drink blood, and witches don’t have big noses and warts, they’re actually rather pretty (mostly from glamour spells). Werewolves, though, they pretty much got right, with their violent nature and only responding to the call of another werewolf when they’re in wolf form, but werewolves can change at will, so long as it’s after dark.
    I need to train, but where can I. Nowhere is safe, except a place my parents would look to find me. So I guess I’ll just train on my way.
    I have to go to the one place I’ll be safe, New Market Maryland. To see the only person who can help me fight what’s coming. I have to find a boy, 17, my other twin; he’s the only one who can help me and my twins…. And no one knows who he is.