• Nina Furukawa is a 16 year old girl attending Setana high school. Her brother took her in when she was 10 years old wandering the streets. Some complications with her "Playboy" brother sends her to move away. But what happens when someone is stalking Nina? Along the way back to Hokkaido Nina brings a mysterious guy back with her. Is it her "New" lover? Or is it an Upcoming rival? How will Nina manage to take her Brother's news when she returns back? That he's..Nina's happy "Normal" Life leads down to sadness, despair, and crumbles before her eyes.

    ._-~* Kawaii in a Roll *~-_.

    [ 可憐 ・アト ロール ]

    "To the world, Nina, you may be someone. But to me you are my world...."

    Nina yawned and stretched her hands to the sky. "So you had that same dream again, Nina?" Shio looked over to Nina who was sleep walking. "HEY NINA! Um could you like WAKE UP for a sec?" Shio said in a scrunched up face. "Huh? uh...yeah" Nina wiped her eyes and yawned once more.

    "Can you believe we finally got into High school?" Shio got hyped up, "And not to mention your big bro goes to this school!" Shio whispered into Nina's ear. Nina snapped out if her trance and blushed alot "S-Shio! Well Like I even care! And this is only the second day of school" Nina shrugged off the whole idea.

    "Well it's cause you're not blood-related and-" Nina interrupted Shio, "As i said, I don't really care about that playboy. He's always bringing Girls home!" Nina rolled her eyes in disgust, "Good thing i got a job! So I can move out and find myself a place" Shio stopped Nina in her tracks. "What? Move out? Well lookie here! Guess who's a big girl now! Well what kind a job is it?" Shio looked at Nina searching for an answer. "Well right now i'm working as a bartender" Nina said. "WHAT! How'd you get a job like that?" Shio nearly blew up at the fact someone as young as nina could get a job as a bartender. "Long story short. Though it was still hard to get" Nina said. "Well maybe I can believe it because you do look a year older i guess. You'll probably stole all the first and second year guys hearts! I mean you've become very curvy and all" Shio laughed. "So have you, Shio" Nina laughed along with Shio.

    DING DONG The bell rang.

    "Come on Nina! We're going miss English!" Shio grabbed Nina's arm and ran straight to class.

    After all their classes Shio and Nina Went to the courtyard and sat on the a small wall that surronded a tree. They both packed a bento box and ate till they both were full. A boy with black hair and red streaks at the end passed by with a blonde girl hooked on to his arm. "So do you want to come to my house?" The boy asked the blonde girl. 'Hmm? That voice-!' Nina thought to herself. "Wait isn't that-" Nina interrupted Shio and ran up to the boy. "Whoa you sure are fast on you feet, Nina"

    "Kaoru Onii-chan!" Nina yelled and latched herself to his back. "Huh?" Kaoru and the blonde girl said in sync. "Who are you? His little sister? Well you guys don't really look alike" The blonde girl said. "Umm I think you've mistaken me for someone else" Kaoru replied. "What!?" Nina yelled. "Well I hope you find the person you're looking for" Kaoru turned back around and walked away.

    Nina felt heart-broken and angry at the same time. She returned to shio With red-stinged eyes. "Wow he's harsh! I should go and kick his a**!" Shio held her fist up in the air. "Uh! That playboy! Always bringing home stupid ugly girls!" Nina said in complete disgust. "Jealous much?" She grinned. "SHIO!" Nina slighty punched Shio with a laugh.

    Kaoru returned with the blonde still latched on to his arm. He went into the kitchen to find a note on the fridge. 'Going over to Shio's. Be back soon' Kaoru tore the paper off and threw into the trash. 'Weird she's been going over there for quite a while' Kaoru returned to the living room with tea and both sat on the couch watching tv.

    Nina arrived at the Bar and worked her shift. It ended at 10:30pm. Nina walked home passing the Train station. She read a sign with the prices to Tokyo. "What!? 25,270- 36,150 yen! Well i guess I'll have to work harder, huh?" Nina kept walking until she reached her apartment. She unlocked the door and put her book bag in her room. She returned to the living room to find Kaoru and the blonde girl sleeping on the couch with th tv still on. Nina grew angry and threw her fist up into the air. "Why that-!" Nina kicked the couch ten times before the two woke up. Nina was standing in front of both with an angry face. "Wake up! It's 11:00 at night!" The blonde girl stood to her feet. "What!? 11:00! I gotta go! See ya Kaoru" The blonde girl dashed out the room.

    "Onii-chan! You playboy!" Nina walked away in disgust. "Well i should be saying the same thing!" Kaoru replied. "WHAT!" Nina turned around. "Yeah, Nina! Where the hell have you've been the past coupe of weeks!?" Kaoru yelled. "Stop acting like you're my father! I wrote to you that I've beenat Shio's!" Nina yelled. "Whose theone who took you in! Whose the one that let you stay with me for the past 6 years!? Who, Nina!?" Kaoru yelled. Tears filled in Nina's eyes as she locked herself in her room. Then Nina cried herself to sleep.

    For the next two weeks Nina and Kaoru never talked to each over. They kept living their lives as nothing happened, it's just that they never talked. Then The day finally Came when Nina had enough money to travel to tokyo. She planned the whole move for the next day.

    "Shio it's time" Nina said nervously. "OH! You mean it's that time of the month?" Shio cocked her head and pointed to Nina's skirt. "NO! You have a dirty mind! It's time for me to find another apartment. I'm going leave tommorow so don't tell kay?" Nina said to Shio. "Uh well whatever's best for you, Nina" Shio said unsure.

    "Oh, Hey Shio? Can I borrow your math notebook for a sec?" Nina said. "Um, okay. Here" Shio handed Nina her math notebook. Nina secretly slipped a Letter into one of the pages in Shio's notebook. "Thanks! Here ya go" Nina handed the notebook back. "Your welcome?" Shio said puzzled.

    After school Nina immediately returned home. "Lucky for me, Kaoru has baseball practice today" Nina opened the door and started packing. She had already sent the letter of resignation to her school so she didn't have to worry about much. Nina looked at the clock and gasped. "4:30pm! Oh no! I beter pick up the pace before kaoru returns" Nina hurried her packing and put another note on the fridge. "Well I guess this is goodbye, Kaoru" then Nina walked out of the room.

    Nina looked out onto the beach for one last time. "Just let me feel the hokkaido sand one last time" Nina had taken a small bottle out and put some sand into it.Nina had one foot in the water and One foot on sand. She looked at her watch that read 4:55pm. "Well i gotta go before i miss that train" Nina put her sandals on and ran to the Train station.

    Kaoru reached the apartment to find it empty. 'Huh? seems a little strange' he thought. "Uh...Nina! Nina! Where are you Nina? Oh she must have left a note on the fridge" Kaoru walked over to the fridge and took a letter off of it. He opened it and read 'Dear Kaoru, I'm sorry but I'm leaving to Tokyo. I just don't think I can live being with you anymore. I'm really sorry for being a burden to you. Well i'll be leaving about the time you get home. I love you, Nina'

    Kaoru burst out of the house and ran straight to the train station where the last rain was leaving. He saw Nina board the train and ran over to her. "Nina! NINA!" Kaoru screamed. Nina turned around but the doors were already closing. Kaoru banged his hands onto the the doors and looked at Nina. She mouthed something to him which took him a while to get it through but he eventually got it. Then he mouthed the same words to her as the train got going. He said 'Nina, I love you too' Tears filled Nina's eyes as the train zoomed away

    'Kaoru' was all that nina could think about through the whole time she rode the train.