• One dark night a man had broken into a house as he knew their was jewels their. At that moment a girl was walking her dog along that same road that same night.

    This is where the story begins, that one night, the one murder that the girl shouldn’t have seen.
    The girl in this story is called Kate her dog called Max and on this night of murder she was walking Max past the very house, on that very night of this horrible crime.

    I was walking my dog the same route I do every night, when as I went past this big house I heard a noise so I went over where the window their was this man and women, the man had a knife which he used to murder the woman with one mighty stab to the heart that killed the lady. it was horribly I screamed I just couldn’t hold it in I clamped my hand around my mouth it didn’t help, the killer had heard me I tried to move but I was rooted to the spot in fear, the killer came out and grabbed me. He tied max up to a post and tied and gagged me then pushed me into the back of the truck and drove me all the way to his home or whatever he called it. He dragged me up into this small room and left me locking the door behind him, I was so scared of what might happen to me he could kill me too I was so tied I fell straight asleep. The next morning I heard shouting downstairs so I went over to the door and listened though the keyhole.
    ’’ What wheir you thinking you were only meant to kill the lady and take the cash not kill the lady, take the cash and a girl.’’ The stranger said.
    ’’ So it wasn’t my fault the kid sore it, so you rather I left the kid and legged it then she could have told the police.’’ Said the killer
    ’’I want the police never to get suspicious of us or I put the blame on you, got it’’siad the man
    “Got It” replied the killer. The other man left just as the police were coming up the road.