• chapter one

    it was raining pritty hard, and instead of being in some kind of warm inn or hotel, i was on a bus. it was headed towards a mountain said to have been a temple of something, no one is sure what it is. As we drive on the out side of the mountain the bus starts to tip and eventally falling on its side, skidding on the ground. Soon it falls off the side of the mountain. then every thing goes black....i can hear screaming, but its very faint. As i awake, every thing is bleary, as i try to focus i see a man, standing over me, he says nothing, he starts to reach for something... but disappears. Finally i get focused and try to sit up, but my leg is being crushed by very back of the bus. I look around trying to find someone to help me, all i see is bodys of my friends everywhere, non of them are moving, i presume they are dead, and a nother thing that i notice is that the bus is half way off the edge of a cliff. So i try to push if off the edge, it falls, with some of my friends in it. i look around again this time spotting a cave that i can use for shelter. i limp in to it, knowing im going to be here for a while sence i dont even know where i am. i see a faint light at the end of the cave. i think it might be some kind of campfire where peaple might be. the light gets brighter and brighter as i get close to it, and when i enter, its not a camp, its the temple. the temple every one was talking about, i had found it, it was a long room with pillers, some still standing, some that fell over. i see where the light was coming off of but i still cant see what it is. i try my best to make my way around the fallen pillers with a broken leg. as i aproach, what looked like an alter, and on the alter is a ruby, but more like a diamond. as i reach for it my body starts to worm up, i touch it and my hand starts aflame and then my arm, its as if the fire was consuming my body, but i feel no burn. i pick up the ruby and as i grasp it, it starts to set aflame and leave my hand, flotting above it. suddenly it shots into the middle of my chest, stabbing in to my heart and setting fire to my insides. then it all stops , im not on fire, but my leg, healed it self right before my eyes. i check if the ruby is on the alter, it was gone, i start to panic as i find a red glowing hole in my heart, suddenly the walls glow and reveale writings that i have never seen before and yet i can read them. they say "may the fire consume your heart, but let the red diamond lead the way to immortality."