• My name is unknown to myself, even after 15 years of my life has gone by. My parents never named me, nor was I called anything. Even when the new ruler of my country had made a law that everyone must be recorded in profiles, my parents kept me a secret. But in that tragedy five years ago at age 10, my parents died with that secret. I was left nameless in this cold world.

    So there I sat on the corner five years later between Echo Falls Avenue and Symphony Boulevard, begging for my next meal. As people walked by me, they were just making those usual remarks.

    What a poor little girl…


    Get a job, freak…

    But I never heard these people say it. I heard them think it. I never did understand anything about this strange power. In fact, I thought it was natural for everyone, so I never thought about personal thoughts. Then again, I can’t remember anything personal except my parent’s death. I just listened and asked for a few makos to go to the market for some bread for my lunch and dinner.

    Then, one month later, I lost sight in my left eye. It just suddenly disappeared. I just continued on with life after I bandaged it up, though rummaging through the streets did require both eyes. I heard the thoughts well as normal, and those people still made the same remarks. I did earn a few more makos when I actually did let people see my bandaged eye.

    Time continued to pass. My hair still faded from a bright blonde to a dirty yellow. My vision seemed to become worse and worse. My strength decreased by the days passing by. It seemed that I lost all hope.

    That is, until I discovered a powerful ability I had.

    One night, I sat at my favorite corner between Echo Falls Avenue and Symphony Boulevard, watching and listening to the people around me.

    What are we going to do tonight?

    I hear that there’s a huge party at this one mansion!

    “You there, little girl.”

    I looked up. A tall man stood before me. He seems to be dressed as though he was going to an important place. His hair looked very nice, his face didn’t have scars of dirt all over it, and his suit didn’t have a since hair on it. I looked back down in shame. I was nothing but trash compared to this man.

    “What are you doing just sitting there?” he questioned, giving me a piercing glare.

    I shrunk back against the wall a bit. This was one of the first times someone actually came up and spoke to me.



    “You’re just some street rat, aren’t you? Pitiful.”

    I looked up at him with wide eyes. Street rat? Was that what I was? Nothing more that scum on the side of a road? It seemed like I had nothing to live for in the eyes of this man. His thoughts of me were horrible.

    “Why don’t you just die off already. You look terrible.”

    I stood up. I was outraged by how this man was talking to me. I was so much more. I knew I was. I brought my fist back and pushed it forward for a punch. My eye clenched shut. Did I hit him? I opened my eye up and looked puzzled. I could see with both eyes.

    What just happened?

    I looked down to the ground. Loafers? And a black suit? I turned my head to the side and looked at the reflective window. I was…

    "That man,” I whispered in awe.

    I began to feel my chest and my face. I had become that man. I then quickly dug in my pockets and pulled out his wallet. I looked at his ID. Markus Caliham. I thought for a moment. I was in the body of a rich looking man... who's one his way to some formal party from what it seemed... with a wallet full of credit cards and cash...

    This is where I got my evil thoughts came into play. My shocked frown turned into a mischievous grin. Time for some fun.

    I spent the rest of my week draining this man of his money and his luxuries. It was so amazing to live in the higher class for a few days. Once I collected almost all of his money, I wiped out his memories of ever meeting me and disappeared from him and his life completely. 500,000 makos was mine to use, yet I still wanted more. I swindled more and more from rich people and became richer and richer myself. I bought a small apartment to live in. I bought decent food. I bought furniture. I lived in peace, and no one knew I was a criminal.

    Yet even with all of the money I was stealing and how luxurious I was now living in, I still stayed on the streets during the day. I missed my favorite street corner, and I missed listening to what everyone was thinking about.

    So I remained in that spot during the day. It was gloomy as always, and it was raining when I came around. The people were passing by me with their thoughts.

    It’s that girl from a few months back.

    Did she finally get a job?

    She must have finally found a family.

    “Hey there!”

    I looked up but remained quiet. It was just like normal when I took over someone else’s body and swiped their money. I’ll just do it again with this person. But unlike the others, this person was a young girl, about only 13 years of age. She looked like a regular girl you’d see in Metro City, wearing a cropped long-sleeve shirt and some mid-thigh length shorts. She had her vibrant purple hair as well.

    “Why so gloomy?” she asked me with curiosity.

    No answer came from my mouth.

    She smiled and knelt down in front of me. “I’m like you, you know. I have special abilities too.” She watched as my eyes grew bigger. “You can possess people, right? That’s really awesome. Wanna know what I can do?”

    I gave a slow nod, my eyes still big. How did she know about my powers? The girl turned to an electronic street sign. She just seemed to be staring at it. But when she finally closed her eyes, the sign began to flash and change into a new sign. It wasn't an advertisement, but it was a simple blue background with bold yellow letters. I read the sign to myself in astonishment.

    "I'm just like you..."

    The girl smiled and held her hand out to me. "You need some help. That is, if you want my help. You have a purpose in life. I just know it."

    I glanced at her hand. If I took her hand, I could be trusting a person who could be an enemy. If I didn't, then it would be me against the world still. Could I still handle being an outcast to the world? I don't know, but this was the first time I've ever met someone like myself.

    "What's your name?" the girl questioned, a smile still on her face, "I'm Caz, but I have a special name. I can't tell anyone unless they trust me."

    I continued to look at her hand as though it were a foreign object. Should I trust her? I couldn't even introduce myself. The girl read my expression the moment it came onto my face.

    "Can I give you a name?"

    I looked at her face. Caz had that same innocent smile on her face, and everytimes, it she seemed harmless enough. She knew instantly of my powers and she hasn't made a single face of disappointment to me.

    Slowly, so slowly, I took the girl's hand. Caz just grinned happily and held the umbrella over my head.

    "Alrighty then, Psyche. It's nice to meet you."