• The test.

    After Japanese I realize that I'm locked out because Maylin and Sakura are going to see their grandmother in the hospital. I turn on my heels and start walking to the office when I get a good idea. I turn around and place my hand on the door. I focas all my energy on opening the door and then after about ten seconds the door pops open. I love magic.

    On Monday we get the marks for our tests back. I only got a ninety-nine because I made a really stupid mistake.

    Roxanne comes up to me at lunch. " So what did you get on your math test ? "

    " I got a ninety-nine. "

    " Haha I got a hundred. " She waves the test in my face. " Who's the dumb one now. "

    I start to get really angry at Roxanne. For one I never called her dumb. I never even thought it. She is the only person who could possibly do better then me. And even so I'm still smarter then her. So only got one percent better and that is because I did something stupid.

    " Talk about a dumb blond. " Roxanne walks away. " Guess what Amber I did better on the math test then Sarah-Lee. "

    The anger builds up inside me and the next thing I know Roxanne's test in on fire. Opps did I do that ? I look around the lunch room and not many people seem to notice Roxanne's test. And the ones that do don't know me.

    Later in Mrs Oaks' office Roxanne blames me for something, well for something I did do but still. " Sarah-Lee did it I know it "

    " Roxanne I was nowheres near you when your test caught on fire, how could I have done it. "

    Roxanne rolls her eyes at me and then faces Mrs Oaks " Shes just mad because I did better on the math test. "

    " You only did one percent better then me. ANd that is only because I made a really dumb mistake. "

    " So it's still better . "

    " It's only one test. "

    Mrs Oaks decides to but in. " Girls stop it. Roxanne I don't know what happened to your test but I'm sure Sarah had nothing to do with it. "