• "Hero, let's stop... We haven't gotten a job in the last three days, and today seems to be no different. Let's go home, and go to bed..." pleaded Scarecrow as Hero trotted down the street. Hero tucked his hands away into his trusty red jacket's pockets, releasing a yawn. Hero knew it was best to ignore Scarecrow, rather than arguing, of course Hero always won the arguments but arguing sounded really annoying at the moment. Hero's glance motioned upward toward the sky, the stars we brighter than usual. Something was up.
    Before Hero had the chance to stop star gazing, and look where he was going, he bumped into somebody, causing him to fall to the ground. Hero looked up at the person he had bumped in to "Ehm, sorry about that." Hero apologized, standing up. He decided it was a good time as any to ask if the man needed anything done " My name's Hero, I do odd occupations. Would there be anything you need done?" Hero asked before actually getting a better glance at the person. He was a man, a large one at that. He wore a black vest, anda tore up pair of jeans, the man had stone cold eyes that made Hero's spine shiver whenever he looked into them. The man gave a cold reply.
    Hero paused, he honestly didn't know what to say to a man like this. "Are you sure? When I say odd occupations, I mean ODD occupations! No matter what it is, i've got it covered! So what do ya say? Mr.--" It was obvious that Hero was desperate for a job, at least getting the man's name would help him try and persuade this large fellow.
    "Edgar... Mr.Edgar..." The man, or Edgar, replied.
    "Lad, are yeh sure yeh want to be gettin' involved with this fella'? Argest asked "I've got an odd feelin' about him."
    "Don't worry about it, guys. Businness is businness. Remember our policy: Odd Occupations came with Odd people."
    "Who are you talking to Mr.Hero?" Edgar asked with his deep tone. Every time Hero heard it, it made him uneasy. Hero snapped back away from Argest, and Scarecrow; Hero had some businness to finish.
    "So, is there anything, anything at all, I can do for you?" Hero passed his offer by Edgar once more, hoping his answer would be different this time. The large man thought to himself, stroking his chin. Edgar walked passed Hero, muttering a
    "Follow me..."
    Hero watched the man walk down the street, before snickering to himself and following along.

    Country Two's streets were very empty at the moment, Hero and Edgar had been walking for a while now, and it was well after midnight. Around midnight is the time everyone went to bed, so it was a no brainer that nobody at all would be on the streets when it's a good four hours after curfue.
    Edgar let Hero catch up, they were walking down a long dirt road, away from any cities, and Edgar was getting bored. He simply wanted to start a conversation to pass the time. Here's where Edgar actually paid attention to Hero's features.
    The first thing he noticed was Hero's silver hair, it was beatiful. His hair was complimented by his almost golden eyes. Hero's outfit was rather simple, a long, red jacket and black pants. A katana was hoisted at Hero's right side, the katana's sheathe was a nice shade of blue. Edgar's eyes then locked on to the bass guitar strapped to Hero's back.
    Whatever he needed the guitar for was a complete mystery to Edgar.
    "We're almost there..." Edgar exclaimed. Hero looked up at the large man, then forward, looking ahead of them he saw a large tower, a planetorium to be exact.
    "What's the planetorium for?" Hero asked, noticing how large it was compared to regular buildings.
    "It's my life's ambition to gaze upon these star through me telescope..." Edgar replied as the two stopped at the door of the planetorium,
    "This is where you came in young man. So pay attention to the things i'm about to tell you..." Edgar explained. Hero nodded as to say that he was listening. Edgar opened the door, and led Hero up a large spiraling stair case, as he began talking.
    "I've been gazing upon these stars, night, after night. They've remained normal when it came to brightness." Edgar paused as he recalled old memories "Just recently, some strange things have been happening to the stars."
    "What do you mean?" Hero interupted "I just looked at the stars about an hour ago. They were as beatiful as ever!"
    "Look at them now..." Edgar commanded as they passed a small window. Hero stopped and looked outside. The stars... They were gone!
    "What?! How's that possible?! The stars were just out not too long ago!" Hero cried. Edgar let out a long sigh, before continuing to climb the stair case, Hero following behind him.
    "This is exactly why I need you, Hero. I want you to investigateone what's happening. Do you think you can do that? Edgar asked in monotone. Hero grinned from ear to ear,
    "Don't underestimate me, of course I can do it!"

    Edgar and Hero entered the top room of planetorium through a small wooden door, that Edgar himself could hardly fit through. A large telescope sat in the middle of the room. Edgar walked over to it, and looked into it, trying to find something to help them. Edgar scooted away from the telescope and began rubbing his chin "What in the world could be going on..."
    Hero wandered around the room, looking at all the books, and notes that were scattered around the room. Edgar definately took this star thing seriously. "So, not to be rude or anything... But why're we here. Couldn't you have just told me about it at town?"
    Edgar shook his head slowly "There's a friend of mine, at Country Two's central library. I've been banned due to all the over due book i've rented." Both Edgar, and Hero paused to look at the hundreds of books around the room "I wanted to give you my library pass. Go to the central library, and talk to my friend. Ask for Jim Hakkins."
    Hero paused, he didn't mean to be a smart a** to his client, but he couldn't refuse the obvious flaw in his plan. "Wait, won't they just notice it's your pass, and not let me in?"
    Edgar laughed lightly "Apparently you've never been to the central library. A pass, and a rental card are two different things. The central library is a very class esablishment. Passes aren't labeled with you name, only rental cards are."
    Hero felt like a dumb, bum. Which summed him up pretty fairly. Hero thought to himself, this felt like a lot of work, and this guy might possibly be poor himself. tucked his hands away into his jacket pockets "So... What's the job pay...?"
    "All I can give you now is 2,000$. I can double it if you actually finish the job."
    Hero thought it over, and agreed. Edgar sighed with relief. Edgar walked over to a small shelf, and pulled out 2,000$, handing it to Hero
    "Good luck Hero..." Edgar finished. The two said there goodbyes, and Hero left the planetarium. He was now walking back down the dirt road, heading for the central library.
    "Ugh... I have a feeling this is going to be a long night..." Scarecrow whined.
    Hero grinned "Wrong. We're not doing the mission..."
    "What?! But you told Mr.Edgar that you would!" Scarecorw exclaimed.
    "So what? He was dumb enough to give me money beforehand. Do you realize that this money will get us by for the next month?! I say we take the money, and split." Hero pulled out the library pass. "Hmmmm.... On second thought..."
    "Yes? Have you changed you're mind?" Scarecrow asked.
    "Let's head off to the library... I have some research to do..." Hero ignored Scarecrows words of approval, and looked into the sky, the stars were back.
    Whatever was going on, it was definately an odd case.