• Ch 1: The Legend of Nelva

    Once, a long long LONG time ago, there was a land filled with nothing. It was an unlivible place where anything that would step into it would perish instantly. It was a cruel place, a place begging for change.

    One day the Goddess of Light decided to transform the land into a beautiful, geographically correct, new land. People, animals, and plants moved in instantly, and the young Goddess decided to name the land Nelva.

    The Goddess also put energy into the people to do wonderful things, like summoning rain, and duplicating berries, the Goddess thinking that everyone was pure and innocent.

    And she was right. For a while...

    One day an evil traveller came to the land, and destroyed the peace the Goddess had made. Somewhat angry, she transformed him into a monster and sealed him deep beneath the Earth. The peace returned to Nelva and everything was excellent again.

    But then the monster exerted some of his dark aura into Nelva and little monsters began to thrive in the forests and swamps. The Goddess couldn't get rid of all of these monsters, so she gave the people weapons to defend themselves with. The people fended off the monsters quite well.

    The monster was outraged at this, and somehow broke free of his seal. He flew up to the heavens and launched a surprise attack on the Goddess. She was defenseless and was defeated easily, but she made a promise to him:

    "One thousand years from now, seven heroes will emerge from Nelva and destroy you. Each one will be from a different village, and they will unite to make sure you never disturb the peace ever again."

    And with that, the Goddess became mortal and died, smiling.

    Ever since the Goddess' death Nelva had been terrorized by monsters and demons. No one knew about the Goddess' last words.

    Everyone, except a young princess, a thousand years after the Goddess' died.

    Ch 2: The Escape from Norweigh Castle

    Exactly one thousand years after the Goddess of Life died, a young princess was already preparing for step one of her plan.

    Nelva's main city, Norweigh, had been taken over by monsters, led by the self proclaimed God of Death, Halamalah, and it's castle had become the central lair. Hundreds of people were captured and imprisoned. The princess was captured, too, but she knew how to get out. She just needed to rescue some other prisoners.

    The princess used her bobbie pin to pick the lock on the gate. It opened, and she quietly sneaked out and went down the hallway. She passed about six prison cells, and stopped at the seventh. There were six people in it, three guys, three gals. Two gals were crying, a guy was comforting one of the gals, the other two guys were playing rock paper scissors, and the last gal was focusing her energy into her hand and chanting a wisdom spell.

    Finally, one of the crying gals, curly blonde hair and in a tavern wench's uniform, noticed the princess and asked her to get them out.

    "With pleasure." The princess responded. She used the bobbie pin to pick the lock and the gate opened. The princess signaled the six people to follow her, and they obeyed. They ran through the hallways, and they kept on asking the princess if she knew where she was going.

    "Of course I know where I'm going. The exit's in the next room." She reassured. But when they got to the next room, the exit was closed off.

    "Dang, they knew about my escape!" The princess realized. The six people were questioning her about what was going on and demanding an explanation.

    "I'll explain as soon as-" The princess started to say when a dark shard was fired out of the ceiling and hit the princess in her right shoulder. Surprisingly, it didn't hurt. Her skin absorbed it in, and a weird mark was left behind. After it disappeared into her skin a giant monster, spider shaped, dropped in from the ceiling, breaking it as it entered. As soon as it landed, it grabbed the princess and lifted her up high.

    "Wretched little girl! You escaped! You are to have your energy syphoned out as soon as I deal with your new friends!" It spoke in a loud, raspy voice. With every key word it said it squeezed the princess harder, her groaning and screaming in pain. The six people were freaked out at what they were seeing.

    The one gal who was focusing earlier knew a spell to get them out of there. She started chanting a spell, holding her hands together and eliminating all thoughts in her mind.

    "Embers of darkness, stones of light. Take us far from here, avoid this fight." She chanted. As she finished, a light emenated from the seven escapers, and they were gone in a flash.

    "Damn it! That dead Goddess' pathetic words are becoming less pathetic!" The spider/monster shouted. "At least I'll know where to find them..."

    In a lushious field the seven people appeared. The princess was standing up on the grass, looking perfectly fine. The girl with the tavern wench uniform came over to her.

    "Hi. Thanks for getting us outta there. I'm Angel." She introduced.

    "No wonder you're named Angel; you look like one!" The princess commented.

    "Awww... Thanks!" Angel replied. "The guy with the double swords is Kyle, the guy with the bow is Jake, the guy with the really big sword is Sean, the girl with the staff is Tiana, and the girl with the side ponytail is Runa."

    "Okay. Uhhhhhhh... Call me Alice." The princess responded.

    "Sure! Where do we go now?" Angel asked.

    "The next town. We need to-" Alice started, when she suddenly felt faint, and after a few seconds, collasped. Angel shrieked at this and the others came over to help. They worked together to carry Alice to the nearest town, where they brought her to an inn to rest.

    After about half an hour upon arriving Alice woke up. Angel was watching over her like a worry work.

    "Darn, I REALLY need to explain this whole thing..." Alice said in a somewhat worried tone.

    "So...? Explain away!" Angel replied.

    "Okay... The thing is, earlier, when I said my name was Alice, I lied. My real name is Princess. And about this whole monster thing, here's what happened..." Princess began. She quarelled on and on about a thousand years ago how this and that happened, and that energy is found in people, energy can be converted into dark aura, and enough dark aura can destroy the universe. It took about an hour to explain the entire thing.

    "So, why did you lie to us about your name?" Runa wondered.

    "That monster could've been spying on us back there. He doesn't know who I am, so it was for the best." Princess answered.

    "So, what lies ahead for us now?" Jake questioned.

    "We have to kill this monster 'God' Halamalah." Princess answered.

    "How on EARTH are we going to do that!?!" Tiana asked, surprised.

    "Somehow. That's how." Princess replied.

    Ch 3: The Disappearance of an Angel

    Princess paid for them to stay at the inn. Four rooms, two to each room, except for one room, which only had one to it. Angel and Princess were in the same room. That night Princess couldn't get to sleep.

    "Angel, I can't sleep. Can we chat?" Princess asked.

    "You can't sleep, but I can, and you're interrupting my beauty rest." Angel replied, crankily.

    "Oh. Okay." Princess responded, and for a while she stayed silent. Then she saw a figure in the shadows. Angel was halfway to being in dreamland.

    "Wait, who are-" Princess began to ask, but the figure jabbed a dark crystal into her side, and Princess collasped. Angel heard this and got up, frightened. Princess coould barely breath, and couldn't move or talk. Angel screamed as loud as she could, hoping that someone would come to see what was wrong.

    It worked. A few seconds later Jake ran into the room with his bow and quiver and saw the figure carrying Angel away. Tiana came in next and cast a tracking spell onto Angel before the figure jumped out the window with her. Runa arrived next and noticed Princess on the ground, practically motionless.

    "Oh no! Princess!" Runa cried. She knelt down and investigated. She noticed the crystal poking out of her side, and didn't know what to do.

    "Pull it out." Tiana told Runa. Runa pulled out the crystal, and Princess got up, breathing heavily.

    "We need... to go after them... I know that figure... the same one... that captured me..." Princess puffed. She was obviously tired. Sean and Kyle entered the room, wondering what all the ruckus was about.

    "Come on! We need to rescue Angel!" Tiana shouted, then jumped out the window after the figure. Everyone else followed.

    "Darn, they know she's one of us..." Princess muttered to herself.

    "What was that?" Sean questioned.

    "Never mind. We need to save her!" Princess replied. They continued to run into a forest where the figure carried Angel to. Then after a while of running Princess finally said it:

    "We're lost."

    Ch 4: The Forest of Confusion

    "Lost? We're LOST!?! Now what's gonna happen!?!" Runa freaked out.

    "Just calm down, Runa. We'll get out of here somehow, then we'll save Angel." Princess reassured her. They had been walking around in circles. And more circles. And occasionally a square. They were lost in the Forest of Confusion, a place where people went in, but rarely anyone came out.

    After a LONG while of walking they found Angel sleeping under a tree. Tiana shoved her awake and Angel's response was surprising and confusing:

    "Who the heck are you?" Angel asked.

    "Amnesia. I know just the cure." Tiana said to the others.

    "Ok, Amnesia, do you know which way Flove village is?" Angel asked. Sean and Kyle laughed at this. Tiana, on the other hand, was casting a spell.

    "Her mind was erased, now revive it again, so that we will free her from her pain." Tiana chanted. As soon as she finished Angel blinked twice, then smiled.

    "Hey guys! How's it goin'?" Angel asked.

    "Oh, we're lost." Princess replied.

    "I know the way out! Follow me!" Angel shouted gleefully. She ran, and everyone else followed her. In about a minute they were out of the forest and in Flove village.

    "How'd you know the way out?" Runa asked.

    "Hmmm... Now that I think about it, I don't know." Angel replied.

    "That doesn't matter now. We need to get some chow before we starve. Even fantasy characters need some food, you know!" Jake ranted. Sean and Kyle joined in.

    "Fine. Boys will be boys..." Princess gave in. They went to the market and bought some cheese and bread. Not to mention some wine.

    "Are we old enough to drink wine?" Runa questioned.

    "Oh, come on! We're fourteen! I'm pretty sure wine is gonna get a lot more deadly in the future. We'll add water to it if you want." Tiana ranted.


    "Lets go! We need to find a place to-" Princess began when she was interrupted by:

    "Run! It's the Twilight Knights! They'll kill us all!"