So...did I graduate or not? Oh God, I'm slipping into panic.

    Waking up with a jolt from my cell phone alarm didn't calm my nerves any. I was getting the results from my exams back today. Today would be the day that determines if I graduate or not. If I don't graduate...I'll probably die a horrible death in a black abyss all by myself with nobody else to fish me out and I'll be screwed because I'm afraid of being alone in the dark.

    "Oh my God, I'm gonna die," I groaned and pushed my hair back.

    "You'll be fine," I heard Kai's voice ring in.

    I shot my head up and he was standing in the doorway with my school clothes all cleaned and folded. He glided over to my side of the bed and reposed the neatly-folded clothes at my foot. He stood up and put his hands on his hips, almost as though he actually had attitude.

    "Get dressed and go graduate," he smiled at me.

    "Easy for you to say," I hissed. "You've graduated how many times."

    "About seventeen," he smiled again. "The last time I graduated was from your school."

    I about choked on my own breathing, "My school?! How long ago?!"

    He thought for a moment, "About five years ago,"

    "Oh my God, I was in eighth grade at the time!" I freaked. "I never saw you!"

    "Get dressed," he changed the topic.

    Panic overcame me and I shooed Kai out of the bedroom and threw my clothes on for what I was hoping was the last time. Next Tuesday was our last day, but today is the last day of wearing our school uniforms for the Seniors. I attempted to try out my tie again but was once more unsuccessful due to my nerves. Kai came back into the bedroom against my orders and fixed my tie.

    "I'm so nervous, Kai," I sighed. "I don't want to spend another year in that Hellhole."

    "You'll be fine," he pat my shoulder. "I'll bet you passed."

    "How much?"

    "Dinner," he smirked. "You pass, I'll cook everything tonight."

    I cocked an eyebrow, "Everything?"


    "Uh-huh," I scoffed. "I'll need a better bet than that."

    "That's all I can offer right now," he shrugged. "I'm broke."

    "Whatever, take me to school," I rolled my eyes.

    Kai draped my bag over his shoulder and smiled, "Let's get you graduated,"

    I've had just about enough of his attitude.


    "Oh my God, Kai!" I shouted.

    I darted out of the front doors of my school and was surprised when I didn't trip down any of the stairs while running. Kai climbed out of his car and circled around to the passenger side and as soon as he did, I attacked him. I jumped right onto him and constricted my arms around his neck and kicked my legs up behind me and he wrapped his arms around my waist to support me. I landed a huge kiss on him and squealed.

    "I passed!" I cried. "I'm graduating!"

    "I told you," he kissed me back. "I told you you'd graduate."

    "The studying actually paid off!" I hugged him. "You're a goddamn miracle worker!"

    Kai and I continued to celebrate as most of the other students continued to stare at us. I could hear more cheering from other peers who also passed their exams and loud conversing. I was so psyched; I was getting out of this place for good! I'm graduating next weekend!

    Kai turned around and opened the door to the passenger side and stuffed me into his car as I kept squealing and rejoicing. I didn't even notice him climb into the driver's seat and he gripped my shoulder to keep me from bouncing.

    "Calm down, Arisa," he smiled. "Stow it until graduation."

    "Okay, I'm sorry," I giggled.

    "Your birthday is soon too, right?" he asked me. "April twelfth?"

    I nodded, "Yep. I'll finally be eighteen; I'll finally be able to get my license!"

    "Any ideas for parties?"

    "Hey, let's not push it, okay?"

    He chuckled, "Not a fan of parties?"

    "It's not that I'm not a fan, I just don't always like the attention," I shrugged. "I don't mind them."

    "Good, because everybody else wants to celebrate badly,"

    I smiled, "Okay, I'll do it for them,"

    I glanced down at Kai's left side and it clicked in my head, "Does your wound still hurt?"

    He shook his head, "No; it should be completely healed by tonight,"

    Wow, five days for a wound like that to heal. The wound closed up a couple of days ago but it was still tender and his spine was pretty sore. By tonight, there will be no trace of the wound at all. We haven't talked about the deal he attempted after the day he tried to make it. It was too risky for him to do, yet he still did it.

    "Get me home, I need sleep," I sighed. "And you need to make dinner."

    "Dammit," Kai frowned.

    "Oh, God, I'm getting old," I sighed.

    Kai scoffed, "You're getting old? I'm turning a hundred and seventy-eight this year and you want to talk about old?"

    "You're eighteen," I frowned. "You told me you're eighteen but you've only been around a hundred and seventy-seven years."

    "I suppose," he shrugged.

    "Isn't it technically illegal for us to be together since I'm a minor?" I sat up and faced him. "I'm seventeen and you're eighteen."

    "Eh, your birthday is in a couple of weeks; don't fret,"

    I leaned back in my seat and closed my eyes, "I'm so relieved I'm released from school; I'll never have to see those jerks again."

    "Any ideas for college?"

    I frowned and opened my eyes, "I still don't know what I want to do," I sighed. "Maybe I could ask Matsuda about some good medical colleges."

    "You sure you want medical?"

    "Yeah; I want to find a cure for a weak immune system," I mocked myself.


    The front door opened and I was scooped into Kai's arms and we entered the house, "Guess who's graduated!" Kai called out.

    "Stop it, put me down," I complained.

    Kai obediently landed me on my feet and I threw my nearly empty book bag down the hallway, reminding me that I didn't need it anymore. I'd have ripped off my school uniform but that might prove to be a bit embarrassing.

    "Feel free to do so, Arisa!" Takeuchi cheered. "Kai wouldn't mind!"

    "Screw you, mutt," Kai mumbled.

    "Miku will!" Takeuchi called out once more from the living room.

    I couldn't help but laugh at that out of the blue. It's probably true, but I wouldn't want to delve into the details. I breathed in a huge victory breath and exhaled freedom. I was so psyched to be out of school; I'll never go back again. Kai pat my shoulder in what seemed like sympathy and he chuckled.

    "It won't be your last day of school if you opt on a medical career," he reminded me.

    "Goddammit," I complained. "I can't get anything I want in life."

    "I'm sure you've gotten enough some times,"

    "Orihime! I need ideas on a party!" I called out, changing the subject.

    It's true I can't really get a lot of things I want in life, but I got one thing that could make up for all of that; Kai. Kai and the rest of this family I was forced into. It's strange to think about how I was kidnapped by these people nine months ago and now I'm in love and engaged to my kidnapper. If Chi ever heard I was in love with the kidnapper, she's slaughter both Kai and I. I'm so worried about her; I've only talked to her a few times since I was kidnapped. I'd love to go and talk things out with her...maybe I can someday.

    "We need ideas for your birthday too," Kai popped my daydream bubble.

    "Oh, yeah," I mumbled. "Presents."

    "What kind of presents?" he cocked his eyebrow at me as I sat on one of the chairs in the living room.

    "My license would be all I need," I smiled.

    Kai smiled back lightly and pat my head, messing up my hair once more, "Good job, kid," and he left into the kitchen, probably to start dinner for later tonight.

    I sat in silence after Takeuchi left, absorbing my moment of victory. My birthday was in a couple of weeks too, I'd be able to sleep in all the time, I'll finally be able to have a life. Unfortunately, Aya was unable to celebrate as much as I have. She couldn't show up at prom in an elegant dress with Akatsuki, she couldn't graduate next to me, she can't get her license the same day I will. We had always planned that when we would get our licenses, we'd swap places and take horrible pictures for each others pictures on our licenses. Neither her or mom or dad would be at Kai and mine's wedding either, if we ever make any plans.

    Either way, I know they're proud of me for actually choosing to live my life rather than take it as I had attempted before.