• like a hurricane rushing through the east coast a tall burnet rushed to me almost knocking me of my feet. “OMG, Irina guess what happened last night”, my best friend Alexandra says. Moving my long curly like hair out of my face I look up pretending like what I was doing that second was so important I would die (I was just doodling but what she doesn’t know won’t hurt her).

    “What” I say looking at her long brown hair wishing I looked like her. Alexandra’s hair was straight and a shiny brown. She didn’t have a petit figure, but her figure was good for her height. While I was look horrifying with my long curly like brown hair and a heavy built frame. Just to tell you I am NOT fat I am fluffy. So get that straight.

    “He kissed me, he really kissed me!” stunned that of all people Alexandra had gotten her first kiss from the guy of her dreams. and I sat there date less as she told her romantic happy ending. I felt like I could have melted down into a puddle of nothing as she told me how she was about to leave as he pulled her close and kissed her. How she couldn’t tell if she was kissing him back. I wasn’t jealous I was just really unhappy. Alexander got her first kiss before I even got asked on a first date.

    So just like any best friend I was jumping up and down saying No he didn’t, and oh, you’re so lucky to have a guy like T.J… I didn’t really mean anything I said. Except for that very last line, that she was SO lucky to have him. T.J actually cared for Alexandra, and she loved him more than she loved her whole family. T.J, Stella,(you’ll happily meet Stella later) and I were the only people she truly trusted in life. I also trust Alexandra and Stella not just with crushes, but with my personal life and the many problems at home.
    lucky for me the bell had range meaning class had started and I wouldn’t have to hear her go on with her love life. So I was off to my 1st period class which started my boring typically drama filled day of school.

    Are school is probably like every other poor broke high school (even though everyone knows this school has a butt load of money stashed). The roof from the outside was a light green that looked as if it were mold and the walls looked as if someone had barfed eggnog on them two Christmas ago and of coarse the janitor was to cheap to clean it up. Inside we had one or two leaks which isn't bad since we live in the depressing state of Washington (not D.C). we have 3 halls and a common area. The common area is always being guarded by a short old white hair pigeon woman who is said could turn you into hamster food just by looking into her eyes.

    My first class is the best class of all because are teacher Mr. Clash is so mellow and reticule. Even if he looks as if he dresses in the dark. Mr. clash always knows what your talking about no matter what subject (he knows everything about are generation) and makes history so realistic. We were learning about bills it was so fun. We all sang ( of key) a silly song from this show called school house rock.

    I'm just a bill.
    Yes, I'm only a bill.
    And I'm sitting here on Capitol Hill.

    I thought it was really childish but it was so catchy. Like that Elmo’s world song.

    La-la la-la,
    La-la la-la,
    Elmo's world,
    La-la la-la,
    La-la la-la,
    Elmo's world.