• “We have the girl secured sir!” A man in a white lab coat nodded to a man in a black jacket and jeans.
    “Good job Dr. Clarkson…” The man nodded and walked over to the window of the observation room. “…”
    “Is there something wrong, sir?” Clarkson asked sheepishly.
    The man twirled on his heel. “The hell there is!” He was pointing out the window. “WHERE THE HELL IS THAT GIRL?!”
    “She’s right~” Clarkson stepped to the window and stared down at the broken chains, torn straight jacket, and bloodied walls. “Oh…”
    “OH?! Oh?! Is that all you have to say Clarkson?!” The man punched the window. “She is a lethal weapon!!”
    “Oh… like hell I am.” A hoarse voice from the darkened corner seeped.
    “What…?” The man gasped and slumped into the chair behind him.
    A girl stepped out from the shadows, blood was splattered all over her bare body. “Where are the other girls like me, Mr. Mills?”
    Mills looked around frantically. “I~ I ha~ have no id~ idea, Mia!!”
    Clarkson slowly inched over to an emergency button that had a black shotgun, fully loaded, near it. Instead of pressing the button he quickly grabbed the shotgun and aimed at Mia. “Burn in hell, b***h!”
    Mia lifted her hand and Clarkson’s insides and blood splattered the window. “Yes, I am a b***h. ©” She turned back to Mills. “Let them all free… and you’ll get away with your life.”
    Mills searched his jacket pocket for his cigs. “Fine!”
    Mia glared at him. “NOW!” She snapped.
    Mills stood up and grabbed Mia by the throat. “Shut the hell up!” He slammed her slender body against the cold metal frame of the door. “If you want them free… then free them yourself!” He threw her across the room and ran out the door.
    Mia slowly got up and ripped Clarkson’s lab coat on. “It smells so bad!” She whined and stood up, buttoning the lab coat in the process.
    She walked out the door and put her short brown hair behind her ears. She looked around and blinked. “Where in the hell…?” She shivered with each step as her bare feet hit the cold stone floor. She froze and looked to her left at a door that had a sign that read, ‘Facility only!’ She slowly opened the door and looked around the large white room. “This… is just like the room I was in…” She looked up the far wall only to see a girl with short very dark brown hair with some streaks in it. “Rae…?”
    The girl was wrapped in chains and in a straight jacket. Pinned to the wall in full view of a couple of doctors in the observation room. She gently shifted and slightly groaned. “s**t…”
    Mia sneered and looked at the small glass covered whole that was near her. It had a small black ball of fire. “Her… soul…?” She broke the glass in and grabbed the ball. “Rae…” Mia faced Rae and gently blew on the ball and watched as it glided towards Rae and penetrated her body, Mia smiled. “Good…” She turned and ran out the door.

    Rae’s eyes snapped open and looked around, she watched the door shut behind Mia. She sneered and looked up at the observation room. “Damn…” She groaned again. She slammed her arms apart and watched as cloth and chains hit the floor seconds after her.
    Rae watched as doctors rushed into the large white room with black shotguns in their grips. She sneered and slashed her arm out and watched as the heads of the doctors were ripped away from their necks. Rae walked over to one and grabbed the lab coat. She froze as the coldness from the barrel of a shotgun was put to her back. “I’d think twice if I were you… Rae…”
    Rae slowly turned her head, half expecting to see Mia, but she saw a female doctor with a prosthetic arm. “Oh… I’m thinking twice… and I’m thinking about ripping your other arm off…”
    The girl doctor snorted. “If you know what’s best for your friends you’ll shut the hell up and listen to us.”
    Rae laughed. “Oh, Dr. Shiloh! You crack me up!” She turned so that the shotgun was aimed at her stomach.
    Shiloh glared at Rae. “I mean it… I’ll have them all killed…”
    Rae grabbed the shotgun and threw Shiloh against the wall and pinned her. “I don’t give a s**t what you do to them… I honestly expected you to be Mia…” Rae narrowed her eyes. “None of us get along anyways.”
    Shiloh gave Rae an odd look. “Fine then…” She shifted a little. “If you kill Mia Rio… I’ll make sure your free…” Her breathing slowed slightly. “From testing… wars… anything. Just kill her.”
    Rae sneered and let Shiloh go, she slipped the lab coat on the rest of the way. “Alright… Deal… And if I’m not… I’ll kill everyone and thing you give a s**t about.”
    Shiloh slowly nodded. “Fine.”