• Footsteps echoed behind me. I kept running. I didn't stop because if I did I would die. I didn't even look over my shoulder. I didn't know where I was going. I was just running away. With both of my parents dead I have no one to protect me. The hunter was getting closer. I could sense him getting closer. I slipped and fell in a puddle. "AAH!" I shrieked in pain. I had twisted my ankle. Pain shot up through my leg. It hurt so bad. I twitched in pain as I held my leg. A shadow stood over me. I looked up through teary eyes. The hunter had finally caught up to me. I was scared. I couldn't move. I knew this was the end for me. I was about to die and I knew it. He raised his pocket knife in the air. I screamed and let go of my leg. I tried crawling backwards away. It was no use. He slammed on my ankle and broke it. I screamed loudly. It was no use. No one would come to save me. My ponytail came undone as he snapped the hair band. My long gray hair fell to my knees. My hair glimmered in the moonlight. I was in so much pain I just wanted to have my parents. But as the hunter was about to stab me, a German Shepard attacked him. He fell in the alley and screamed in agony. The dog came back and licked my face. I got up slowly and leaned against the wall to keep me up. "Hey buddy, whats your name?" I asked in my gentle voice. I took his collar and looked at it. In the metal that was connected to the leather said: 'Luke.' I patted him on the head. "Thanks Luke, for saving my life." I hugged him around the neck and sat down. I had no where else to go. I was not aware of it but I fell unconscious. The last thing I heard was Luke howling before I blacked out.

    I awoke in the hospital. My leg had suddenly felt better. I looked around and saw Luke on the bed. No wonder my leg had felt nice and warm. He uncurled himself and smiled at me. I laughed and patted his head. I was out of the hospital the next day. My leg had healed fine. I put my hair in my ponytail and sighed. I had no where to live. I was all alone. But then I had to rethink that. Luke loved me now. I thought of him as my savior. He protected me. And I protected him. I knew my hunter wasn't dead. Luke wouldn't kill unless I was really in danger. I stared at the bright sunlight. I clutched my sword tight and smiled. Luke watched the sun. I wasn't alone anymore. I had a new family. I know we are still prey being hunter by the predator. But we are the hunters hunting the predator back. I burst off into a mid run with Luke by my side. We ran towards the sun. I knew we will be safe when we are together. I was lucky that I had a new family. And Luke was lucky that he had me. We stopped and turned around. The shadows seemed to dance. I stared behind us. I was leaving my home behind. But I wasn't leaving hope behind. My hair blew in the breeze. Luke's fur ruffled up. No, I will not be killed.