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    Lucy Saxon flinched slightly as her husband approached her, kissing her deeply. His near tenderness made her reach for him, but he turned haughtily away, continuing in his torment of his archnemisis.

    She hadn't told him about....that A minor problem with not being on Earth, without a Doctor...well technically there was....

    Her head hurt again as her mind raced. What would Harry do when he found out? She wasn't showing just yet, almost three months along.

    She wasn't sure why she thought it was a girl. Maybe her insanity was getting worse.
    And why wouldn't he stop looking at her?

    Harry hardly ever looked at her except in their private quarters, and even then, he didn't really see her, did he.

    But why? Why was he looking at her? It wasn't her fault. It made no sense at all.
    Nothing much made sense anymore.

    Not even the child, which stirred, sending pains through her body. Was the half-human, half-alien in trouble?