• Prologue

    Destrial Thatcher was a mean, bully at are high school. He never stopped picking on people because of there differences. One day, the teacher told us there would be a lot of orphans coming in the school, she told us not to worry because they where being guarded by these big, burly men in black suits. We didn’t know what to think of them. They were all different sizes and shapes. But are instinct told us to run away from them. They had some unknown difference that always kept us away from them. But Destrial was not a very nice boy. So he wanted to find out what there secret was. Why they wore all blue, and not any other color. Why they always played with themselves and not anyone else. Why there eyes always shot around like they where being watched. So the day that Destrial went to figure it out. This is the day that no one will forget.
    Destrial looked across the classroom to a boy wearing all blue. He had a reddish-black hair and yellowish eyes. He was sitting alone and was drawing on a piece of paper. Destrial turned to his friends and told them that he was going to go ask him the questions everyone wanted to figure out. As he got out of his seat, everyone watched him walk over to the boy. The boy looked up at Destrial with curious eyes.
    Destrial was the first that spoke. “What is your name?”
    “Toby.” The boy replied.
    “Well Toby. I got a couple of questions to ask you. Why do you always where the color blue? I like blue but that is such a ratty color. And why is your hair so orange? It looks ugly, did you die it that color?” Destrial just went on and on.
    But when Toby looked back up. His eyes where glowing yellow, which made Destrial stop talking. Toby then stood up and when he opened his mouth he had razor sharp pointy teeth.
    “You take all that back.” Toby growled at him. “Take it back!!”
    Destrial just stared at him. “No.” He whispered.
    Toby then jumped up on the table and in his place was a tiger. The whole class was dead silent. The tiger was growling at Destrial.
    Destrial tried to make a run for it but the tiger pounced on him. He screamed and kicked at the tiger. That was when the class started screaming. Five big guards came running in and grabbed the tiger. They got Destrial away, but he was all bloody. More guards came in and held the struggling tiger. One had a tranquilizer gun and shot the animal.
    But what was injected in the animal was not just to make it fall asleep. The tiger automatically went back to Toby. The human. With all the big guys surrounding him, Toby couldn’t get away. He was still kicking and clawing at the guards and trying to get to Destrial. But the guard’s wouldn’t let him go.
    Soon his attempts got weaker and weaker. He then fell to the floor in a crumpled heap. Asleep. One guard picked him up and walked him out of class. The other guards treated to Destrial, whose eyes where big, round, and full of shock. They called an ambulance, and told his parents they would take care of the medical bills.
    The next day, Toby was back in class. But nobody talked to him, or even looked at him. He had two guards watching him at all times. And he looked really sleepy. We figured out why. Every hour, one of the guards would take out a needle with some blue liquid inside and inject it into him. Because of him, nobody even wanted to look at all the kids in the blue clothes. They knew there secret now. And no one wanted to become their friend because of what they are.
    Destrial never bullied anyone ever again. Even humans he knew couldn’t turn into animals. His family disappeared after he was out of the hospital. Some say his family moved to a different state, and had him enrolled in a different school. Others say that they moved to Missouri where he went to have intensive therapy. But he was never the old Destrial Thatcher again.