• Dear Lane,

    I’m leaving the town for a while and I hope you’ll be okay while I’m gone. No need to worry, or anything. I’m fine on my own. Just don’t get into any trouble. Especially with the shopkeepers. You don’t need to scratch someone so much just for a candy bar! Anyway, I don’t know how long I’ll be away. But, please, don’t bother looking for me. I don‘t want you to get involved.

    Your Friend,

    The last sentence is what set off her instinct. Her best friend was going to do something dangerous without even consulting her. Of course, she didn’t just let it go. She couldn’t. She wouldn’t. Besides, Vulpa wouldn’t do anything without her best friend. Her partner.

    With a heavy sigh, Lane fixed the strap of her bag, and set off into the forest. Or at least, she tried to. The cat took one step forward and stopped.

    “Why does she always go into such dark places?” Lane thought out loud to herself. “Why not a big city or a beach..”

    Again, she reluctantly took another step into the dark green of the forest. She let out a sigh, thinking of giving up and waiting for Vulpa, like the fox said to. But, no. It was as if she couldn’t even turn her head back around. She had to keep going. After a moment of hard thinking and doubt, Lane decided to toughen up if she was to find her friend. She breathed deeply, then gulped, before wandering, unknowing of what lies ahead, into the thick trees and plants of the Burian forest.