• It's the middle of the night and there is screaming downstairs. A teenage girl named Jessica Monroe has been sitting on her bed listening to her parents fight for three hours now.

    At 5:30 in the morning they finally stop fighting and come to her room to find that she's already up and wide awake.

    "Get up and get ready for school" said a gruff voice. That was her dad, he was abusive and bossy. But Jessica wasn't frightened at all by her dad because, she had a secret no one else knew, her and her family were werewolves.

    Her father left the room and and Jessica followed close behind him. Thirty minutes later at 6:00 a.m, Jessica left for school. Even if she lived an hour away from school, her dad still made her run to school and back because he was afraid that Jessica might tell some one their secret.

    When Jessica got to school, her only friend Adam TAylor came up to her and said, "Hey, big math test today if you need any help just tell me and I can help" "oh thanks, but I think i'll do fine" replied jessica.

    As she was walking through the halls that day, there was a big poster that said, "TALENT SHOW TRYOUTS: RIGHT AFTER SCHOOL TODAY IN THE THEATRE" "finally! something I can finally succeed that I think is fun!" thought Jessica.

    As soon as school was over, Jessica ran to her house and called to her mom, "Mom! can I try out for the talent show!?" Half asleep her mom replied, "sure i don't care do whatever you want" As soon as Jessica's mom replied with a yes, Jessica was out of the door and back at school.

    "okay, I want a single file line right in front of me."instructed the talent show manager. Jessica was so fast that she was the first one in line. "Now, as you go up to the stage I want you to say your name and act.