• He put his arm around me and said,"Its fine." He pulled me closer to him and I leaned into him. I can't believe I just told a complete stranger my story about my parents. When he pulled into my driveway.......

    He abruptly let go of me, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to do that. That was really just an impulse."
    He shifted in his seat.
    "Its fine. Do you want to come in? My Aunt and Uncle are gone for two months on business."
    I smiled a sweet innocent smile at him. I felt my cheeks burn just a little. They always gave me away when I felt embarrassed or something. He smiled and laughed before he said, "Yeah, that sounds good."
    I opened my door and got out. I looked down at my clothes and saw that they were sobbing wet, at least that gave me an excuse to change into something cuter. But when I looked at his leather seat, thank God its leather instead of cloth, but when I looked at it it was all wet. I knew that my cheeks, and probably my whole face was a dark red. I felt so embarrassed, "Um, I think I should get a towel and clean your seat off....Sorry."
    "Nah, its fine I got one in the back." He reached over and dug around a little. When he was leaning over his shirt came up a little and I bent my head to the side and looked at his perfect lower muscles. I looked up at him, he was still searching for the towel. So I quickly pulled out my phone from my backpack and took a picture. I felt like a complete moron. But it would save me from some details to give to Emma. I put the phone back in the backpack and he had started to clean up the water. I stood there just watching. He looked up and smiled. He held out the towel to me and said, "Here you can use this to dry off. Its just a little damp from the water but you can use it...if you want."
    "Um thanks. I'll throw it in a load and give it back to you." I dabbed myself with the towel then wrapped it around my waist and said, "Hmm, this just might be the summer fashion." We laughed as he followed me up the porch steps and I unlocked the door. We stepped in. I turned around and looked at him, "Well um...make yourself comfortable..I'm going to go change."
    "Okay." He walked into the living room and looked around. I turned and ran up the stairs to my room. I shut the door and went to my closet. Picked out my red sweater and a pair of torn jeans. I ran downstairs and slowed down on the last step, not to seem to eager of course. I walked into the living room. He wasn't there. I walked into the kitchen and he wasn't there. I started to panick, so I walked over to the window to see him sitting on my porch. I sighed and walked out. I sat beside him.
    He looked at me,"Hey, I like your..um shirt. So uh do you want to go out to eat?"
    He stood up and grabbed my hand. I felt my heart beat faster. He went and opened my door for me and he got in on his side. As we pulled out of the driveway he turned right heading to....