• I walk down a winding, worn dirt road. Grand trees stand proudly all around me, reaching their branches high up toward the heavens. It seems to be late October as the air is crisp and chilly - though the sun shined pleasantly. Leaves colored the landscape with their colorful hues; I hugged my jacket tighter against me as leaves go dancing by in the wind, dead leaves crunched under my feet as walked onward. Where am I? In the middle of no where?

    It feels eerie here, almost as if I shouldn't be here anymore. Something is not right, I thought to myself. Everything looks fine but something is wrong.

    I stop myself from taking another step forward, and my body freezes in place. The whole forest stands perfectly still. All of my senses fail to work; I can’t feel the wind blowing, or hear the bubbling brook that’s in the distance. It’s as if time has stopped. A feeling of uneasiness creeps over my mind, someone’s watching me, a chill runs down my spine.

    I force myself to turn around and there it stood. A tall and lanky wolf; it had a beautiful glistening black coat and mesmerizing yellow eyes. He stood with his head held high with dignity. This wolf was built for speed, stealth, and strength. Even though he was at a distance it seemed to be acting careful, as he puts one paw in front of another. Its ears fell back onto its head, and I could see a snarl rip through his mouth. I can hear him?

    I started to panic, my heart raced as though it was going to escape my chest. My body refused to move, too entranced by the beast. Or was it fear? The wolf seemed to be getting bigger, that can't be - it's only a wolf. Its head was huge, and so were its paws. I dared myself to not look at its teeth, knowing that if I did - I would probably regret it. The wolf was now as big as a small pony. We were face-to-face.

    He stopped snarling, smoothing his mouth back in place and stared at me. It returned to its former graceful nature. Its eyes are alluring- almost as if you could see his soul behind them. I looked carefully in them and saw pain, longing, and shock? I’m not really sure of it myself. He sniffed at my shoulder and hair; he pawed at his nose uncomfortably, growling a bit as he did so. With a whimper he turned away, and ran - never glancing back. Was that a tear in his eye?




    "Ugh," I wake up from my dream. That was a dream, right? I stretch and get up; my body aches as if I had been still for awhile. I click the 'Off' button on my alarm clock and the beeping dies out. I look around my room, packages towered in a corner. The room was empty; only a desk, lamp, alarm clock, and my mattress thrown on the floor gave it its only detail. I really hate moving.

    There was no light coming through the blinds, then again it was only six o’clock in the morning. There is no sound from outside my door. Mom and dad must be sleeping still. I jump high in the air as I turn my head and see two lustrous green eyes watching me from the shadows.

    “Kista, you scared me.” My cat walks toward me; I can hear her purr already. She rubs up against my legs, meowing happily knowing that she will get her breakfast soon.

    I walk out into the hall way, my feet felt uncomfortable walking on the cold hardwood floor. I walk into the bathroom, and look at myself closely in the mirror. Yup, I look just like my dad. I have his Native American complexion, his eyes and nose too. My brown eyes scan over the rest of my face, then to my hair.

    "Great," I exasperated, "just what I need." My long dirty blonde hair made me look like a monster. I take a brush and brush out the tangles.

    "Ouch! Knots hurt!" I grumble, then put the brush down and get my toothbrush. There was a knock on the door.

    “Good morning Adrienne, can I steal the bathroom real quick?" My mom asks.

    "Sure. I’m almost done." I finish brushing my teeth then head back to my room. My mom's name is Kara; she has always wondered why I look so much like my dad rather then her. I guess his genes were more dominant then hers. Yet my dad, Bill, finds it funny- I shrugged. I head back to my room, trying my best to not trip on the rug in the hallway. I don't need a trip to the hospital today, I sighed. I open my door and walk in, Kista is there on my dresser sitting patiently.

    "Good morning sweetheart," I pick Kista up into my arms," are you ready for today?" I scratch under her chin, and her song rumbles deep in her chest. I smooth back her brown striped fur as I pet her, her eyes close and she is content with a grin on her face.

    I put her down on the floor and head over to the lingering boxes. Where is my clothes box? I grab the top box and put it down on the floor, it made a thud. I have way too many clothes; I should donate a few later. I look over at the other boxes.

    I pick out a pair of jeans and a tee-shirt to wear. I have to clean and unpack things today anyway, no sense in going crazy to dress up. I put them on, and walk over to my closet; there was a big mirror on the door. I put my necklace on that has hanging on the knob. Perfect.

    Kista plays with her toys, they make chiming sounds as she rolls the bells across the floor. I walk over and pet her; she’s so soft and warm. I pick her up again, but find a sealed envelope under her.

    “What are you laying on missy?” I put her down, and she stares at me then the envelope. I pick up the envelope and flip it over in my hands, blank. Weird. I turn it to its back, and open it.

    Dear Vale family,

    Welcome to town! We hope to meet you all in person soon. I’m sure that your daughter and our son will get along fairly well. Well, we hope that you enjoy your new home – we’ll only be a few minutes away if you need anything.


    The Moons

    “The Moons?” I say as I put the letter back in the envelope. I look over at Kista and she’s sitting on my desk. I close the door and take the letter with me as I go downstairs to the kitchen. My dad was already there sitting at the table.

    “Morning Dri,” he says as he takes a bite out of his bagel sandwich,” I made you a sandwich it’s on the counter.” He points over to it.

    “Thanks dad, umm… I found this letter this morning. It was in my room and Kista decided to hide it from me.” I hand him the letter.

    “Oh really?” He takes the letter out and reads it. “Well that is a peculiar name, Moon. They sound like nice people, we should go say hello today.” I grimace, as he smiles.

    “Dad, I’m probably not going to like him. So don’t even try.” I eat my sandwich, than pour a glass of juice.

    “You never know Dri. It’s worth a shot.” He gives me a wink, cleans up his mess and walks out of the kitchen.

    Why does he insist on tormenting me? I eat the rest of my bagel and clean up too. I head back up to my room.