• Ta-dum, Ta-dum, Ta-dum. Big drops of rain hit the windows of a small house near a forest. A girl and her brother are watching as the water bangs against the earth.
    “Emily, I’m bored. Can we please go outside?” The boy said. Emily sighed and shifted towards her brother.
    “Sorry Jerri, mum would be steamed if she saw us playing out their in the rain.” Jerri groaned and continued to watch as the rain fell. Minutes passed before either of them spoke.
    “Mum won’t know if we keep quiet and don’t leave trails of water!” Jerri exclaimed. Emily sighed again and replied to what he had said.
    “Jerri, mum told us no so were going to do as she says. So why don’t we go do some exploring in our house, maybe we’ll find some games or something.” Jerri made a pained face but nodded all the same. Emily began walking out of their living room and into their hallway, Jerri soon followed.
    “Can we go into the attic, sis? I wonder if we have any old stuff in their, maybe a map or an old photo book!” It didn’t really take that long for Jerri to forget about something and just move on to what the next plan was. Emily tugged on the string that would bring the ladder to the attic down as Jerri dragged on about what they might find. “Maybe we’ll find money, cook books, or even an old toy! Come on! Come On, I wan to go up already!” He was practically bouncing off the walls as he had been saying this. Emily had finally managed to pull down the stairs as she said,
    “Gosh Jerri, just a second ago you were all sad because we couldn’t go outside and now look at you, you’re jumping all over the place!” Jerri looked at her and shrugged a little before saying,
    “Well, when life gives you apples instead of lemons, you make apple juice. Come on let’s go up already!” Jerri sped up the stairs while his sister followed more slowly into the attic.
    I wonder where he gets all that energy from. Emily thought as she’d reached the topmost step. Before her was a small, musty room that held boxes of many shapes and sizes along with draped furniture. Jerri had already begun to dig into the boxes and seemed to be studying something carefully. Pulling it out so he could examine it, an old torn stuffed rabbit was in his hands.
    “Huh? I wonder whose this was. Must’ve been sad to see it like this. Oh, look there’s a frog just like this and a duck a dinosaur too!” he carefully plucked the three other animals out of the box. “Hey Em, do you think that we can fix them up? I don’t like seeing them like this.” He looked at Emily pleadingly while she took in the site of all the torn stuffed animals.
    “Well, it wouldn’t hurt to repair them and seeing as we have nothing better to do, why not.” She said. The two walked back to the living room and set the animals down on a table. Jerri ran to a small cabinet near the door that lead to the hallway and pulled out a sewing kit.
    “Hmmm, there aren’t any buttons in here. Do you think we can get some tomorrow?” Jerri asked as he peeked into the kit and set it down.
    “Yeah, I think we’d be able to go out for a bit. Besides we wouldn’t be fixing these guys up properly.” She motioned to the animals and then pulled out some thread and two needles for herself and her brother.
    “So who do you think these belonged to?” Jerri said as he started stitching up the rabbit’s belly. Emily was focusing on sewing the duck’s bill back on.
    “I don’t know, maybe ours, mums, or some other relative. Why are you so curious about who owned these anyways.” She’d finished the bill and was now going onto the wings. Jerri had nearly finished the belly’s stitching and shrugged as he looked away from his work. The rest of the time they stayed quiet as they stitched the four animals back together. Emily finished the last just before she and Jerri had needed to get ready for bed.
    “Did mum say it was okay to out tomorrow?” asked Jerri as he stopped at Emily’s door. Emily nodded and said goodnight before her brother closed the door and she lay down.
    Tip, Tip, Tap, Tip.
    Emily sat up as she heard the strange little footsteps go by her door. Maybe it was a mouse or a rat. Nothing bad or anything, she thought.
    Scritch, scratch, scratch, scritch.
    More noises came from beyond the door. Emily had had enough of it and decided to scare the small animal away. Upon opening the door she discovered the stuffed animals lying on the floor near both her and Jerri’s doors. She tiptoed her way to Jerri’s room and knocked.
    “Hey Jerri? Did you leave the stuffed animals in the hall?” she whispered as she heard the opening of the door. A tired looking Jerri appeared rubbing away sleepiness.
    “No, why?” he asked as he saw the animals in Emily’s arms. They all seemed like they were still okay. Emily handed Jerri the animals and answered his question.
    “I heard some noises and when I went to go see what it was, I saw them lying on the floor near our doors.” Now Jerri seemed more alert. He put them on top of his toy chest and walked back to his sister.
    “Oh, maybe I did forget them while I was going to my room. Oh well, they’re in here and it’s late we should go back to sleep.” Emily nodded and headed towards her room as Jerri closed his door and hopped into his own bed. Little cackles came from his toy chest as his closed eyes whipped open.
    “Hello?” Jerri said to the darkness. Silence was his only response as he closed his eyes again. Then more cackling.
    “Hello Jerri. Thank you for helping us, though I’m afraid we can’t help what we must do to you now. Though I would like to introduce you to me and my friends” Jerri’s eyes were open once more as he listened to what the voice had to say.
    “I am McGregor, the Dinosaur. This is Alomone the Rabbit, Venor the Frog and Bannett the Duck.” Jerri’s eyes had adjusted to the dark and now he could clearly see the animals that had once been lying on his toy chest, on the foot of his bed. “I’m afraid that we have to get rid of you even though you did help us with our injuries. I promise it won’t hurt. Just so long as you don’t scream.” The animals laughed maniacally and began to make their way to Jerri. Emily might’ve heard them talking and laughing just now. Maybe she’ll come in and get rid of them. Jerri thought as he was approached by the animals.
    “Sorry, she won’t be coming anytime soon. By the way we can read minds” Said Alomone the Rabbit. Bannett began talking after.
    “You see we’ve already taken care of her.” He pulled out a small T.V. and showed Jerri what had become of his sister. She was lying on her bed, crippled. They’d beaten her to death and now they were sure to do the same to him. Venor spoke last.
    “No, I don’t think we’ll do the same to you. We like to try new things, to keep things more interesting.” He began to pull something out but Jerri had blacked out. He knew it was the end of him.
    And so when the police drove near a small house near the forest they made a gruesome discovery. A family of four had been murdered in four different ways. First the parents: the father by bleeding to death, the mother was burned alive. The sister was next and she was beaten to death. The son was the last, he was barely alive when the police first arrived but it was apparent he would not make it. He was being eaten alive and he was practically only bones when they’d arrived but died only minutes after he said,
    “Wicked. Little. Things…” He’d tried to move but he had not been able to move but an inch.
    When an investigation was ordered to know who the murder or murderers were. Nothing was discovered until a camcorder and small T.V. were found. Once those were found the murderers had disappeared.