• “Dalia….Dalia…..” My mother was calling my name, again... “Dalia…is you ready to go? It‘s time to go to school. It’s your first day….Dalia, answer me!”
    “Yeah mom I’m ready” as I walked to the car I started asking myself why exactly I had moved to this tiny place. I guess I did because my mom was here and my dad could not take care of me anymore--he was always gone--or maybe it was because I liked the cold a little too much. In addition, I do not think that anyone here in Stevens Point Wisconsin would even know that I moved here. As we pulled up to the school, I could feel my stomach churning.
    “Mom I can’t go in there” I told her with a wary tone.
    “Oh don’t be silly! You’re going to school weather you like it or not.”
    I did not like how she said that, it made it seem like that she did not want me around. My mom stopped the car in a parking spot and turned to me.
    “Listen Dalia, I’m sorry for yelling at you but I just want you to feel at home here…”
    I got out of the car without a word, closed the door, and walked into the school. When I opened the door I seen people doing what I should be doing laughing and talking to friends; I walked into the main office, to get away from the noise that made me miss my old house.
    “Hello!” said the cheery plump woman behind the desk.
    “Hi, I’m new here--” she cut me off.
    “Well, here is your schedule….Miss Dalia Meyer, if that is your name?” she looked at me with a curious eye.
    “Yes that’s me” I grabbed the slip of paper that had my schedule on it.
    “Good, well you should be going to your locker before anything to get your things unpacked. Have a nice day!”
    I walked out disgusted by her wildly changing attitude. The next thing I knew I was at my locker opening--or at least trying to--when I heard a voice behind me.
    “Can I help you with that?”
    I turned around to see what I thought was a god. He reached for my locker.
    “What’s your combo?” he asked with a nice smile.
    “Um...24-16-3...” as soon as I was saying the numbers he was turning the lock, and had it open in one try. I felt stupid. “Um thanks…” I turned to put my stuff in when I noticed he was still standing by me but leaning on a locker close to mine.
    “Can I help you?” I asked with annoyance in my voice.
    “Not really…..are you new by a chance?”
    “I wonder what gave that away.” I might have said that a little so hysterical because he started laughing.
    “I’m Mikey” he stuck his hand out waiting for a handshake.
    “I’m Dalia…” I said in response shaking his hand.
    “So what’s your first class? When do you have lunch? How old are you?”
    I laughed at how much he wanted to know right when I met him.
    “Um…..I have English first, lunch 7th hour and I just turned 16. Now the same questions for you?” Why was I telling him this? Nevertheless, he walked away with what look like a satisfied look on his face and a good-bye mixed with a laugh.
    After Mikey left, I went to my first class, English. Of all the things to learn from in the world it had t be this.
    I walked--more like dragged my feet--in to class and directly went to the teacher and handed her the note. The teacher gave me her name, Mrs. Worth. She was dressed in what I would say a granny our fit but looked only about 40 years old. Mrs. Worth told me were my seats was and I was off. I could tell I was beginning to like her.
    I sat as fast as I could without making a noise on the chair. We had tables in English, which was that big of a surprise to me seeing that I had never had them before I moved. I turned to my table partner, to get a good look and see if the person could be a friend. Well to my amazingly weird luck, my table partner was a guy. And he was looking at me, whom I did not expect, and he did not look away when I looked at him.
    “Hi” he said in a pleasant voice that sounded more like a purr as he spoke, “I’m Guss”
    I did not say anything.
    “Are you okay, or something?”
    I felt someone--or something-- holding my shoulder the next second.
    “I don’t think that she wants to talk to you, Guss.” Guss’s name being said with a bitter tone.
    The bell rang. Right after it rang, I turned around to see who was talking, or holding on to my shoulder. To my dismay, it was Mikey. We have beginning to get a little weird on my part. Also a little too close for me considering I just met him.
    Mikey sat down in a seat directly diagonal behind me. I waved. He waved back, his shaggy short jet black hair almost covering his pale lime green eyes, and his tall almost lanky body that I didn’t notice before stood out more around…I guess normal people.
    “Don’t you want to talk to Guss?” he whispered--almost hissing sweetly--in my direction.
    I did not say anything back. How could I! I mean I just met Guss and Mikey both. I looked at Guss, who was now sneering angrily at Mikey, then back at Mikey who was now whispering under his breath at Guss.
    “Gentlemen!” a loud belling yell came from Mrs. Worth. “Quiet or you will be getting an alternate assignment!” she once again screamed then turning towards the class. “We will be watching Romeo & Juliet for the next several days…” she trailed off into a small quiet box in my mind. I had already done Romeo and Juliet at my old school. This was old business. So I decided to just zone out and think about why Guss and Mikey were glaring at each other. But then just as I was about to, to my weird luck again, Guss started calling my name. Whispering it ever so softly.
    “Hey….do you think that I could get your name? You never said it yet...”
    “Oh yeah…well its Dalia.” I waved like a little girl.
    He laughed “You have anyone to sit by at lunch if you have it seventh hour.”
    “Oh…um okay I have it seventh hour….I guess I could sit by you...” I said through my now shield of not so long hair that hardly covers my face.
    “That’s great!” he said in a childish voice.
    “Guss!” Mrs. Worth nearly screeched out.
    “Yes ma’am...” he chuckled cheerfully.
    “I’ll see you after class...” she looked at him with hatful eyes.
    After that, it was extremely easier to talk to Guss, but still not Mikey. I also have a belief, that if I do not look to long at Guss’s eyes--which were a dark sandy brown--I would not get at a loss of words. His eyes matched his hair I noticed. It was a dark shade of the sandy brown, that made his skin stand out. Guss’s skin was a pearl color. So beautiful but then again, it was somewhat scary, how could anyone have that color of skin? Not only did his skin bewitch me with its beauty, but also how his shirt was sucked so close to his body. I could see were his stomach formed what I was guessing was a six-pack of hotness and how skinny and lean he was. His shirt was tighter than the average super models run way clothing was. He seemed tall just sitting in the chair. But not taller than Mikey I do not think.
    Class ended fast to my surprise, despite the movie. I picked up my books to leave for my nest class when Guss had grabbed my elbow stopping me in my tracks.
    “Hey listen…you don’t have to sit by me at lunch if you don’t want too…it was just a suggestion...you don’t have to--” I cut him off so I could leave soon before I had a heart attack.
    “No its okay I’ll sit by you. I mean I don’t have anyone else to sit by...” he dropped his hand and I walked away smiling.
    The rest of the day I, couldn’t wait tell lunch? I don’t know why, but at first, I couldn’t talk to Guss now I can. I even ended up disrupting class talking to him. It was nice to talk to someone but it scared me. I never make friends this fast. The thing that I couldn’t wait to see at lunch was Guss’s