• "So here we are. Make yourself comfortable." I say as we walk through the door. "Thank you." Donnie murmurs. We both drop our messenger bags on the floor at the same time. "What do you want to do?" I ask casually. "I thought you wanted to play some video games or something." he points out shyly. "Only if you want to." I say politely. He nods slowly. "Okay. My Playstation 3 is up in my room. Follow me." I'm barely making my way to the stairs and Donnie's already on my heels.
    I open the door to my room and walk in casually, though Donnie was only slightly more hesitant. I walk over to the drawer where I keep my games, while he stands by my bed. I pull out a few war games and show them to Donnie. His eyes linger on the games' covers for only a few seconds before he turns his adorable green eyes on me. His eyes look pleading almost as if he doesn't want to play mindless video games but do... something else.
    I set the games on my desk and walk over to him. "So what do you want to do Donnie?" I ask. Our faces are only three inches apart. He just looks me in the eyes silently. I lean in so that there is only one inch separating our lips, and I ask the same thing again. He gives me a crooked smile as if edging me on; that was the only invitation I needed.
    My lips crush against his oh so soft lips. They are like a perpetual bliss. I put my right hand on the small of his back, crushing him to me, while my left hand absently plays with his smooth black hair. He isn't reluctant either. One hand is at the back of my head, plunging me deeper into the kiss and the other is caressing my back, causing me to shiver occasionally.
    His lips are so warm and... eager as they move against my cool lips. He's just so adorably human and that only makes me want him all the more. I begin to kiss him even more deeply while leaning into him. It's such a good thing the bed was behind him because he fell and giggled and continued to kiss me. Then I lightly licked his lips, beging for an entrance, that he eventually grants. I can now feel his hot breath in my mouth. My tongue searches happily and slowly, as does his. After some time he moves his hands to my chest. At first I think he is going to push me away but when I find out that that wasn't his intentions, I move my hands to his face, keeping him close to me so I can continue the exploration of his mouth better (just so you know my shirt is still on; I'm not a goddam slut!).
    Soon Donnie takes a breath and doesn't return to kissing me. Instead he smiles and mouths "Wow." I get off him and help him up. I smile happily. I probably have sex-hair considering Donnie kept on messing with my hair but so does he - though we DIDN'T have sex! "Have fun?" I ask teasingly. He nods a smirk on the lips I was just kissing. I wrap my arms around his waist and murmur into his neck "Mmm... You taste like Skittles." Then I look up to see him blushing but it's a cute kind of blush. "Yeah and you taste like Jolly Ranchers." he laughes. I laugh too and say "Boy's got some bite in him, huh?" I then lightly kiss his lips.
    "By the way... I'm sorry for scarring you the other day." I say pulling him closer. He mock slaps my shoulder and says "That's what you get for doing that... And you also get this." I was confused at first until his lips hit mine. We kiss again but it wasn't nearly as long as before. He giggles as he pulls away and I smile at his childish reaction. "Mmm..." I moan as he begins to kiss my neck. One thing for sure is that Donnie may seem like a shy boy but he is one hell of a lover. Once he is done he asks "Sooo.... Where does this leave us?" I think for a moment and answer "Hmm... Well do you umm... y'know, want to go out now?" I ask nervously. "******** yeah!" he smiles and hugs me tightly and I hug him back, wondering what his father will do to him or if he will just keep it a secret.

    "Oh ********! I got to go now!" Donnie exclaims in the middle of some stupid action movie we decided to watch while we waited for my brother to come home. He gets up from my lap fairly quickly, even for a human. "I should've remembered that my new boyfriend had to be home by five today. I'm sorry." I say getting the car keys off the counter as Donnie gets his messenger bag. "My dad's gonna ******** kill me." he fearfully mutters. I hug him from behind and say "Don't worry. I'll just go and explain-" "No! He'll kill both of us if he knew I was a boy's house and we were alone! Please just let me take care of this myself." I just imagined what his dad would do to him and I accidentally let out a snarl. "Chris... Please?" His eyes were pleading and his voice scared, scared for me. "Fine." I say through clenched teeth, knowing that I would have to see what happens to him and then seeing what he looks like as it happens. "Thanks, Chris. And don't worry about me." he says, giving me a half smile that doesn't touch his eyes. I return that same grim smile as we walk out the door.

    "Um... Chris?" Donnie asks tentatively. "Hmm?" I ask lightly. "How did you know where I lived?" he pries innocently. DAMN! I had forgotten that he never told me where he lives. "Small town, huh?" I try to divert his question unsuccessfully. "I never told you where I lived." he mused. We had reached his house now. Thank God! "I guess I should go now." he whispers. "Not before you get something from me." I whisper. Then I give him a fairly long kiss and he kisses back with so mucsh intensity that it tastes delicious. "Mmm.... That made me feel a little better." he murmurs against my jawline. "That's good." I murmur into his hair, breathing in his intoxicating smell. "I really do have to go now, though." he says, sadly exiting my car after fixing his hair. "Good bye... I love you." I say. He smiles and says. "I love you too." Then he's at the door and he opens it to walk in.