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    Chapter 13

    tab I took a step back as the police car bumped along down the road. I thought for a minute. So much had happened today...the top of it all being the newsflash that Charles was the murderer of my wife. There were a couple things that supported that proposition. First, Elizabeth's body in his house. The fact that the body was in his house, of all houses, seemed far too coincidental, and the fact that his house wasn't really broken into, but more of waltzed into, makes the whole thing harder to buy. And it seemed very logical that he would put my wife in his house to draw suspicion away from him, sort of a reverse psychology. No one expects a murderer to put a victim in his own house. Second, the gun. The fact that the bullet's markings matched up with Charles' gun was a pretty decisive evidence. Someone else using his gun was hard to grasp, unless that person knew Charles' directly. Which still left him shady. And third, his odd behavior. Not just a small; looking more depressed, or looking more happy. But a completely different person; different voice, smart talking, and even threatening to kill both me and Sarah...
    tab Sarah. Where was she? I still had a lot of questions for her, but when I turned around, she was already gone. Gone. Great. Happens every time. Mysterious person mysteriously walks off when you want to know something. I sighed, and looked up to my house. Never in a million years would I have suspected that a murder would happen in my house. And as I walked to the door, there was only one thought bouncing around in my head:
    Why? Why did you do it, Charles? What did you have to gain from killing my wife?

    Two days later...

    tab The room was white. Completely white. White flooring, white walls, white ceiling, white chairs, white tables...It looked like a winter wonderland, except without the snow, and a lot less signs of creativity and imagination. I sat down at one end of the table, Charles sitting at the other. He didn't look happy, a scowl on his face and his head bent over...Not too enthused to see me. Which shouldn't of come to surprise. I had just handed him in.
    tab "Why..." I started pitifully, my teeth grinded together as I spat out the words. "Why did you kill my wife?" Suddenly, his head popped up, abruptly and aggressively, like a jack-in-the-box. An angry jack-in-the-box.
    tab "It wasn't me..." he growled darkly. "I didn't do any--I didn't murder your wife."
    tab "Then what about Elizbeth's body in your house? And the gun? Not to mention you trying to kill Sarah and I." He crossed his arms and looked away from me, his lip stuck out like a two year old.
    tab "I won't."
    tab "What?"
    tab I won't. I won't tell you." Yep. Like a two year old.
    tab "If you don't tell me," I start to threaten, "then I'll believe it was you who..."
    tab "I can't tell you." I leaned closer.
    tab "Why not?"
    tab "I can't tell you that either. The only thing I'll say is that I'm held to secrecy, and even if it means being thrown in jail for the rest of my life because I was framed, I will not tell you." Whoah, there. Now was a good time for a subject change.
    tab "Who's Sarah?" He glanced at me for a second, and then quickly aimed it somewhere else.
    tab "Can't tell you." Right. Everything's confidential.
    tab "So you do know her, then." Charles sighed, and looked back at me with a glum face, replying in a quiet whisper,
    tab "Yes. Yes, I do." I wanted to ask more about the subjected. But I knew whatever I asked, he would quickly object to answer it. I just shook my head, and said a little sympathetically,
    tab "I'm sorry, Charles, but if you won't talk to me, then I can't help you." Charles didn't say anything, and I walked out of the room, the handful of questions still in my hand, waiting to be answered.
    tab Whether Charles was telling the truth or not didn't matter too much. He was still involved in the crime either way. But why? Why would he do it?

    Meanwhile...(these comic book style breaks totally match the mood of this story...Believe it! [excuse that pun there...watching too much Naruto the Abridged, as well as Yugioh the Abridged does that to you.])

    tab It was too close. If she had dilly dallied any longer, Chad would've of cornered her, and she'd have no excuse to dodge the questions. And she really didn't want to answer questions.
    tab Or did she?
    tab 21 years was how long the secret had been kept. 21 long years. Was it worth keeping it secret? He was gone, anyway. It wasn't like he was going to be pinning her down now. And Charles was gone. He was in jail. There was really nothing to stop her now.
    tab She looked over to the Elizabeth's house. Chad was Elizabeth's husband...that was a bit of a surprise. She knew he was related to her somehow, but she never knew...well, she never knew they were related that much. She closed her eyes, and whispered very quietly,
    tab "I think...I think it's time that my secret was not a secret anymore."