• The story ended when her boss, Alec Grant, wrote her a note. This is what happens after:

    "What?" August says. Gabriela walks up to her after she throws away the note.
    "Did you read it?"
    "Yeah. How did everybody else know that I was getting a note about that, when I even didn't?"
    "Well, first, it was the boss's secretary that told her assistant. Then, that assistant told Felix, and Felix told me. After that, I told Destiny, who told David, who told Victor. By the time you came to work, the whole place knew what was gonna happen. I think the boss fired the secretary."
    "Yup. Well, bye!" and Gabriela walked out of her office. August sat there a few seconds, thinking about how Daniel had reacted to this. She walked over to his office.
    "Daniel, did the boss send you a letter?" she questioned him.
    "Yeah. I never knew he had such a sense of humor!" Daniel laughed.
    "Um, yeah. Me neither. Bye!" and she quickly walked out of his office.
    "Maybe he's right," she told herself walking back. "He could be joking, you know. And maybe it's a late April Fools trick. But, how? If the secretary got fired for that, it must really be serious. Whatever! I'm just going to pretend nothing ever happened. Plus, the 17th isn't that close. He'll probably forget. Yeah, I bet." She tried to make herself feel better. It wasn't working. So, she just ignored the letter, and went back to work.