• The dark night was so pleasantly warm that, for a second I forgot my job. I looked up at the stars and savored the taste of the air on in my mouth. I closed my eyes and listened to the sounds of the city, and the damned b*****d slipped right past me. I cussed under my breathe and got to me feet, tipping over the chair I had been sitting in. I fumbled through the pocket of my black jacket and left a tip on the table for my clumsy but sweet waiter. I cussed under my breath as I struggled to catch up with him. I grinned, grabbing the back of his coat and pulling him around to look at me.
    “What the hell are you do-” he said and stopped, his eyes moving from my eyes to my chest. Typical man.
    “Look” I said, grabbing his face and forcing him to meet my eyes. “You’re going to die”
    “Don’t we all, sweetheart” he said, and I was disgusted by the mere sight of him.
    “No” I said sharply “you are going to die now”
    “Now love, I really don’t think you could hurt me” he said, such stupidity.
    “Do you know what hell is tom” I asked, smiling in a way that made him uneasy. He broke into a sweat and fumbled for word. “I know all about you Tommy boy, I know how you like to hurt women”
    “Look lady, I have no idea what you’re talking about” he said, withering in my grip.
    “Now now, no lies here, I know. And you know I know, so let’s not make this harder than need be. Now I’m going to send you to your own personal piece of hell”
    “What the ******** gives you the right” he demeaned trying to shrug off his jacket, so I took hold of his shoulder. I think he soiled his pants. His whole manner change when he felt the power in my grip, I reveled in his fear. “What the hell are you” he asked, all the color draining from his face. I laughed coldly, I could tell from the new expression of terror on his face that it was unlike anything he had ever heard.
    “Something you would never understand” I whispered leaning in close, a fraction of an inch from his sweaty face. I jerked back and he jumped. He was about to beg, I could see in in those sick eyes of his. “Let me save you the trouble” I said, so softy I doubt he heard me. I placed my hand lightly on his chest and drew back. I grinned widely at the cracking of his chest as I punched through his it. I laughed as his souls was pulled in the inferno, waved good bye and even blew him a kiss as he cursed me with the last of his spiritual energy. Poor Tommy boy, some body really should have told him that you can’t curse the damned.