• Chapter one

    Not many people can say they have fallen in love. Let alone saying that they did with an immortal. My name is Kristen, but my friends call me Chriss. And the immortal one that i love is named Shane.

    Many people will accociate being immortal with being a vampire, a werewolf, or even a witch or wizard. But this man is none of these, he just lived forever and never grew up. Nobody knows why, not even himself. But im getting ahead of myself.

    It all started my second year of high school. The first day of school, and there was a new kid in town.

    "Hey Chriss, Why didn't you call me back last night?" my friend yelled accross the quod aafter first period. Her name is Jessica.

    "Oh im sorry. I totally forgot." we both laughed.

    "It's ok. Hey did you see the new kid yet?"

    "No have you?"

    "Yeah, he is cute."

    "Jessica, you can't judge a book by its cover. It doesn'tmatter if he's cute if he's mean"

    "Your right, i never met him so i dont know"

    "So where did you see him?"

    "He was walking to the office when i was on my way to first period. Getting his class scedual no doubt."

    "Cool. I need all the deeds you have after second period, ok."

    "Ok. See you"

    " See you" I walked away, and headed to algedra 2. Ive always been a math geek. I don't know where i get it from, it must come from my real parents, I recently found out i was adopted, about three weeks ago.

    And thats what i have so far. . . . well at least what i want to release.

    Ps im not a famous author. . . . . .I write for fun.