• It was dark as I ran down the hall of the elementry school. The walls and doors zoomed past me as if I were a speeding bullet, just shot. I easily made the sudden turns without slipping.
    Something suddenly appeared in front of me, my burning throat told me "food", my mind said "innocent janitor". Even though I had a strong control over myself, my instincts were stronger. I didn't have time to think about the aftermath of my horrid behavior. I just kept speeding toward my prey.
    I skidded to a stop in front of the unsuspected janitor. I gave him a mennecing smile. He became paralized, like a deer in headlights. The janitor started to stutter, his hands shook, and his deep blue eyes were wide with fear.
    "w-w-who a-a-are you?" he managed to say. I relaxed a little and smiled sweetly.
    "I'm a new teacher here and i was wondering where the art room is." I lied. He seemed little calmer.
    " its right over there, miss". He turned around and pointed at the door. I laughed evily. He spun around and looked even more frightend than before.
    I threw him to floor and bite his neck. I sucked his sweet blood quickly without making a mess. It took only minutes to drain his body of the blood.
    I took his body into the janitors' closet and propped him up, to make it seem like he was sitting. I pored half of a bottle of windex down his throat then placed the bottle in his hands. A simple solution. Suicide.