• As Abdul Alhazred finished inking the pages with the blood from the innocents, thunder began to clash. The ground shakes so fierce that it split in two and the tome fell into the Abyss love forever. Till now.....

    One thousand three hundred and nine years later....

    I was just walking down the road passing by the great crater when I saw something sparkle within it, I don't know what led me to picking it up. Sometimes I wish I never noticed it but that's just how things go.
    So I wonder over and climb down the crater to reach for that sparkling object, To my surprise it was a strange looking book with what seemed to be a face carved into the leather cover.
    So out of my curiosity I peeled back the gold strap and opened the book, but it was filled with strange words and symbols I have never seen. I worked at saying each word as I stumbled out of the crater but too no avail am I able too read it.

    So I head to the Library for answers on what on earth these symbols mean.
    When I get their I notice the scary young man that works the counter so I glance around for someone else.....no one.

    I walk up to the counter and show him the book and he just turns a pale white and pointed to the Hebrew translation section, so I wonder on over and get right to work. I was able to translate one of the first lines.

    In my proud moment I decided to read it out loud, "May the dead rise and the earth decay and so shall the Demons awaken from their ancient slumber" Suddenly the ground began to shake, the sky roared and the ground split open... Monsters and strange Demons rose up from the earth.

    I suddenly realized what I have done, I have awaken the demonic gods that eons ago enslaved man kind and now they shall do it again.

    I looked outside the library window and Demons were crawling out of the crater, everyone was screaming at what they were witnessing. No one had a clue what was happening, as the last of the demons crawled out of the crater. A group of people all wearing black robes walked up too the demonic Gods and began bowing and praying too them all I could think of was what the F*** are those people doing, so I rush outside to investigate what is going on. Turns out the people in the black robes are a cult that prays to these Gods, all of a sudden I started to hear words appear in my head telling me to bow down before the Gods in front of me. That was when I felt it, a force trying to make me bow down but I somehow resisted, a look of what seemed to be shock rained down upon these Gods. more words flooded my mind, things I did not understand asking if I was the one, the lost brother. I finally figured out it was two of the Gods talking too me, without even knowing it I replied to them that I had no idea what they were talking about. After that moment my life changed and was never the same.
    I asked them who they were and replied, we are the Great Old One's who once ruled this world one was named Dagon with his monstrous fish like appearance the other was Cthulhu a giant with many different appearance's one seemed humanoid, another with huge dragon like wings and finally tentacles on his face like an Octopus .

    I step forward reaching my hand out to them, seeing the love for me in their eyes. They call out to me too join them.....