• Caboose:Church I am coming to oh my gosh its my evil twin brother. (guy hits Caboose)Hancle why!
    Doughnut:Hey guys tuckers awake!(Simons and Grif walk up from behind Doughnut)
    Simons:Wo take it easy you've been out awhile.
    Tucker:Who are you guys?
    Doughnut:She has amiasa.Tucker don't worry were the reds.We are you mortal enemies.Wait that didn't sound right.
    Tex:Ok screw it.You guys get behind me
    Tucker:Bow Chicka Bow Wow
    Tex:Never mind tucker's in front
    Tucker:It was worth it
    Wasington:Caboose tose that spike granade(Caboose toses the granade and lads on the wall directaly in front of them)That was the worst throw ever.Of all time.
    Caboose:Not my falt.Someone put a wall in my way
    Doughnut:Its not pink its lightish red
    Grif:Well guess what they already have a name for lightish red.Wanna know what its called PINK.
    Caboose:My name is Michal J. Caboose and I hate babbies.
    Church:I was talking to Gary
    Tex:the bomb
    Church:No thats Andy,Gary's the competer
    Tex:I don't even remember most your names half the time
    Caboose:Oh I know my!I know my name!You ask me if you forget.
    Church:Ok so
    Caboose:By the way he's Church
    Church:Yes,she knows Caboose
    Caboose:He is the mean is the mean one
    Church:Thank You
    Caboose:See he is mean.Now he'll just stare at me until I stop talking.Then when he thinks I am done talking then he will start talking again
    Church:Ok so I was talking to
    Caboose:Told you so
    Church:god dame it
    Caboose:Classic Church
    Caboose:Sargent a sleeping person
    Sarge:Holy mackerons(runs over to blue guy)He's not sleeping son he's dead.
    Caboose:Oh good,because I thought that was me because I am blue and I like to sleep
    Tucker:Ok Church is trying to get a translater so that we can talk to eachother
    Church:Tucker enormous alien dosen't speak our languge.Speaking slowly is not going to help.
    Tucker"What!I'm talking to Caboose.
    Caboose:I don't understand.Are you hungry?Tucker are you hungry?Are you cold?
    Caboose:Tucker do you want some hotdogs and a blanket?
    Tucker biggrin ame it Caboose!I'm not cold.I don't want a hotdog and if you put mustard in my ******** sheets I'm going to kill you.
    Church:Caboose get in the tank and give us cover fire.And this time don't shot me.
    Caboose:Ok(shots Church)wait what was that first part again.
    Tucker:Caboose I need you to do something
    Caboose:all right
    Tucker:I need you to get the tank to shot at you
    Tucker:Caboose thats why I always liked you.Either you don't understand or you just don't care
    Caboose:I don't understand
    Caboose:Church I am comming to help don't start without me.
    Wyoming:It's the idiot take care of him
    Gary:right(shots Caboose)
    Caboose:Blah I am dead
    Caboose:I have an idea.Why don't you posses you own body
    Church:You mean my dead body.Lying in the sun,rotting for all eternity
    Caboose:Hey look birds!Why are they flying in a circle
    Church:I was talking to Gary
    Gary:!The Great Destroyer has arived the end is near!The Great Destroyer has arived the end is near!
    past Church:Gary hold on if Tex isn't the Great Destroyer then who is.
    present Church:And thats when I saw
    Caboose:Saw what,saw O'Malley
    Church:What!No it wasn't O'Malley
    Caboose:What was it then?A helicopter
    Church:Stop asking me and I'll tell you
    Tucker:Yeah Caboose!Shut up!
    Church:Tucker you're interupting too.Everyone just shut up
    Tucker:Me I'm just trying to punch up the story line.Watch this(changes to look like Tex)Hey everybody,I'm super horny from all the robot killing.Who wants to help me outa this heavy armor?This breast plate is so itchy.Bow Chicka bow woo..(Tex points gun at him)Story's over
    Tex:you're a pig
    Tucker:I didn't even get to the part where the saliors show up.
    Church sad using voice amp in suit)Reds this is the voice of God give up your evil ways and join the blue team(Wash hits him)
    Wash:Stop that
    Wash biggrin on't let it get near her.Also don't let her get away.
    Church:See that purple girl,she's on our team you should help her.
    Caboose:Ok(starts shoting ather and hits her)Um she got in the way when I was trying to cover her
    Church:Ok were good
    Wash biggrin elta I called command,they wanted to pass along condolensis in South's passing
    Delta:I will be sure to document that sentece
    Church:What did you tell them?
    Wash:I told them Caboose shot her.They have a shortcut on their keyboard for reporting his team kills.I would've told them that you shot her but I wanted it to be bealivable.
    Caboose:AI,what does the A stand for
    Caboose:Oh.What does I stand for
    Caboose:Oh.What was the A again
    Doc:Ok I talked to Shella.She does seem a little odd.
    Church:So what do ya think
    Doc:I think there's something wrong.
    Church:That's your diagnois.That's why we sent you down there man because we knew something was wrong.
    Doc:I'm a medic what do ya want from me
    Church:How bout fixing her
    Doc:Well surprisingly my medical traning didn't include internal combustion
    Church:What a shitty medical school
    Tucker:Yeah where'd you go the university of Jamacia
    Doc:Oh please I wouldn't be caught dead on that campus.I went to Jamaica state.We were the state fighting Irish
    Church:Thats Noterdame
    Doc:Well since were international we don't care about U.S copyright laws so
    Church:Never mind.Just go down there and see if you can rebot Shella.
    Doc:Rebot her?
    Tucker:Yeah dude thats how you fix broken stuff.You turn her off then you turn her back on again.She'll be fine
    Doc:I don't think that'll work
    Church:Uh pardon but it works great.We already reboted the toster.We reboted the teloporter.
    Tucker:Yeah I still don't know if that thing has all the bugs worked out.
    Church:We even reboted Caboose's armor once but that took a lot longer to come back online then we thought it would.
    Caboose:It was dark and scary and I got to hold my breath.
    Sarge:Me then Simons,then back down to me,the you ,then me,then me,then Sinmons,then me,Simons,me,me,you,then me,Simons,you,then me again.
    Simons biggrin on't you go twice as much or 10 times as much.
    Caboose sad hiding behind rock crying while Grif and Simons are shoting at him)
    Grif:Hey whats wrong with you Caboose
    Grif:Come on,we've been shoting at you for 20 minutes and you haven't run away screaming once.It's just not like you.
    Caboose:I'm sad
    Caboose:I know its jut,do you know what today is
    Grif:Absolutey no clue,what day comes after yesterday
    Caboose:Its Valentine's day
    Grif:It is
    Simons:Hey whats going on up here
    Grif:Caboose is in a depression
    Simons:Its called a foxhole you idiot,haven't you learned any militery terms.
    Grif:No I mean he's depressed
    Caboose sad sigh)
    Simons:sad who gives a ******** we're trying to kill him.Let him be sad when he's dead.Hey you stop having feelings.
    Grif:Apparranitly its Valentines day.
    Simons:It's what
    Grif:Valentine's day.The day we celebrat love and romance.You know girls
    Simons:Oh yeah.Duh I totally know that day,I celebrat that day all the time with all kinds of ladies
    Grif:You don't have to try and impress me
    Simons:Oh you just don't know any of that.I don't talk about it cause its not cool.
    Grif:Yeah I'm sure.So why didn't you know what Valentine's day was?
    Simons:Oh I just didn't understand what you said
    Grif:What did you think I said
    Simons:Valentine's doy
    Grif:Yeah I can see how that wauld throw you off
    Caboose sad crying louder)
    Grif:Oh come on man
    Caboose:I'm all alone now.Church was always my Valentine
    Grif:Why don't I believe that
    Caboose:Its true we had a tradition
    Caboose:Hey Church Happy Valentine's
    Church:Get the ******** away from me

    Caboose:Church would you be my
    Church:Get the ******** away from me

    Caboose:Hey Church,agent Washington.Nice weather
    Church:Yeah I guess ok
    Caboose:Wonderful for fighting evil competer people today
    Church:Yeah whatever fine
    Caboose:You know because today would be a great day since today is
    Church:Get the ******** away from me
    -----------------------------------------Falshbacks overr------------------------------------------------------------
    Caboose:I miss him so much
    Grif:Well you probaly shouldn't
    Caboose:He loved me
    Simons:Yeah,I have no idea why you think that
    Caboose:If he didn't love me then why on every Valentine's day did he give me my very own heart
    Grif:That was your heart after he pulled it outa your chest.Don't you remember it took Doc hours to sew it back in
    Simons:Man he used to b***h about that so much
    Caboose:And now it feels like its being ripped out againand this time symbolicly insted of the other way
    Simons:Would you like it if we made fun of you and called you names
    Caboose:Would you mind
    Simons:Not at all you funking s**t head
    Caboose:Thanks guys.Your the best.
    Wash:Um...how could a person(gun shot) ******** snifer ger down
    Church:Ok that was your one warning shot the ones going right between your eyes.
    Wash razz rivate Caboose get down
    Caboose:Wait a minute
    Church:Alright I warned you.Siranara b***h .(shot a t Caboose and misses) Oh come on what the ********.
    Caboose:I know that voice.Church,Church its me your all time best friend.
    Church:Caboose.Caboose is that you?
    Caboose:Yes Church.It's me.I have missed you so much.(Church starts shoting at Caboose and misses every time) Did you miss me?
    ******** I missed him
    Caboose:I know you did.