• your best friend looks at you, yelling " nooo! get away from here!"
    you look at him wondering whats wrong, then you see a huge crater opeinging up in the ground in front of your friend.
    "Noo!"says your friend, and a blinding light flashes out from his body and goes into the pit.
    a huge looming voice from deep within the pit says"very good, you have brought with you the last thing stopping us from destroying the world and bringing the underworld to earth."

    you stare at the pit in total awe, as a huge pitch black figure rises up from the ground. he, she, whichever it is, seems to suck up all the light around him, and makes the air ice cold. he seems to radiate power.
    "now my minions destroy the earth" the creature says, and an army climbs out of the pit.
    your friend look confident now, and you see air shimmering around him.
    " what are you doing?!" you yell
    your friend doesn't answer. he just nods his head and the great creature falls back in pain. the air shimmers all around the being of darkness and you see your friend starts to radiate energy. suddenly you know that the rest of you village is watching this too. all of a sudden, your friend charges the shadow being screaming, and tackles him. A blinding light happens again and you are dazed for a miniute. when you can finally see, all u see is the village, villagers, and a hugs singed mark on the ground. you realize that your friend made the ultimate sacrafice, his own life for the life of the world. you see a ring on the ground, it has a jadee skull on it. your friend always wore it. you put it on and promise to keep it on in his memory. you know that the being wasn't destroyed, and that once the ring was on, you can feel pure energy moving through your body. your whole village mourns the passing of your friend. you were friends since birth and were both 16 years of age. you suddenly realize, that your friend is gona forever.nyou go back to your hut and lie down to cry.