• In a far away kingdom, which we know as our 90210, Beverly Hills. Cinderella and Dahra (who are twins) were in the house with their ignorant, selfish, and snobby step sisters because their father married a “witch” (as you could call her.) All of a sudden, Cinderella and Dahra's father (the king) died from Multiple Sclorosis leaving Cinderella and Dahra with the “witch” and her children. Anastasia, their first step sister ran into the kitchen yelling.

    Can someone wash this hideous stain of my Prada blouse? Anastasia asked.

    Since she asked so nicely (not really) Dahra took the blouse then looked at it.

    “There isn't a stain on here.” She said.

    “Yes, there is you nit-wit!” Anastasia shouted.

    Dahra looked again. She still couldn't find it and Cinderella ran to help her. They both looked at the blouse and Cinderella found something, but it wasn't a stain, it was her necklace.

    “She must have taken it out of my room.” Cinderella said whispering to herself.

    They both looked at Anastasia.

    “Anastasia, for the last time, we both couldn't find the stain.” Dahra said.

    Dahra handed the blouse back to Anastasia.

    “I'm sorry!” Dahra said.

    Anastasia just propped her head up and stomp out of the kitchen saying:

    “Humph!” said Anastasia.

    Two hours later, the “witch”, Anastasia , and Miranda (who was Anastasia's little sister) were gathering around the coffee table to read a letter that was sent to them. Cinderella, who was cleaning pots and pans could over hear everything that the were saying (they were really loud anyway.) The “witch” opened the letter and she read:
    “Dear people of the kingdom,
    This is an invitation to my gala this weekend. There will be food ,drinks, and a lot of dancing. I'm hosting this gala because I'm going to have to get married in three weeks.”

    Anastasia almost fainted when she heard those word because she already knew this letter was from the prince. The “witch” read on.

    “ So this is an opportunity to meet all the wonderful women who are ages 17-25 and are eligible bachlorette's to come and dance with me this weekend. This invitation invites everyone who lives in the house hold. Hope to see all of you there. Sincerely, Prince Edward.”

    Miranda and Anastasia fainted.

    Miranda said, “I can't believe I am invited to party like this, I'm going to pick out a wonderful dress!”

    “I will go with you to go shop. Where do want to go?” Anastasia asked.

    “ Hot Topic!” Miranda said.

    “Okay, let's go, Anastasia said knowing that Hot Topic doesn't sell dresses.

    They both skipped out the door. Cinderella ,in the mean time, ran upstairs to go tell Dahra about the gala.

    “Dahra, you won't believe what just came in the mail today!” Cinderella said with a lot of excitement.

    “What, came in the mail today?” Dahra asked.

    “An invitation to the princes party!” Cinderella said.

    They both started screaming with excitement. The “witch” came into the room.

    “Why are you both screaming?” Asked the “witch”.

    “We can't wait for the gala this weekend.” Cinderella said.

    There was silence for a second, then the “witch” started laughing.

    “What on earth made you think you guys are going to that party?” the “witch” asked.

    “The eligible part and we live in the same household.” Dahra said.

    “You're both not going” The “witch” yelled.

    Three days later and it was the night of the party. Dahra and Cinderella were watching TV when Anastasia yelled:

    “The limo is here!”

    Anastasia and Miranda shouted with glee. The “witch” came down the stairs giving the signal to both her children “it is time to leave.” immediately after they left a fairy godmother appeared, no actually it was Tyra Banks at the door with a rack of clothing. Dahra took a gold Dolce & Gabana dress and Cinderella put on a black Versace dress with gold sequence. Tyra said for them to have a good time at the gala.

    In other places, Little Red Ridinghood was walking into her driveway and tripped over letter from the prince. She put it on the coffee table and handed her grandmother a basket of cookies. Little Red, then opened the letter.

    “OMG! I'm invited to my first gala!” Little Red said with excitement.

    “Wait , but I don't have a dress.” She said.

    A knock came at the door, Little Red opened it. It was Tyra Banks, she was also Little Red's fairy godmother for the evening.

    “What are you doing here?” Little Red asked.

    “I'm here to dress you up for the gala tonight!” Tyra said.

    “AHHHHH!” Little Red screamed.

    After they were done, Little Red said goodbye to her grandmother (who was waiting for her to leave anyway, so she could go to her karate class.) Little Red opened the limo door and slid herself in. Inside was Cinderella and Dahra.

    “Hi, Cinderella and Dahra, how are you guys?” Little Red asked.

    “We're good”, Dahra said.

    “Aren't you psyced for the gala?” Cinderella asked.

    “Yes, I am!” Little Red screamed with glee.

    At the party, immediately the prince wanted to dance with Little Red. Dahra and Cinderella went to the punch table.

    “I hope she knows that we need be out of her by midnight?” Cinderella asked watching Little Red dancing with the prince.

    Then a women came in shouting to everyone that there was a wolf on the lose and was on his way to crash the party, so everyone ran for their lives. Apparently, Little Red got a glimpse of the wolf and she had met him before on the street.

    Meanwhile, Cinderella and Dahra ran to the house of their dear friend, Brian O'Pignous, who was outside watering his grass. He lived in a blue mansion made of brick.

    “Brian, can we hide in your house?” Cinderella said.

    “Sure, you're both welcome here anytime.” Brian said.

    So,Cinderella and Dahra ran into the house. All of a sudden, Little Red ran into the house. Apparently, Little Red had talked to the wolf.

    “I Did you talk to the wolf, Little Red?” Dahra asked.

    “I might have and I might have made him a little angry.” Little Red said.

    The door was pushed through the door frame and there the wolf was with a knife.

    “ This is the last time i'm going to prison because of you Little Red.” the wolf said.

    The wolf had gone to prison because he posing as her grandmother years back and he had just gotten out. The wolf was planning to kill Little Red.

    “Are you planning on killing her ?” Cinderella asked.

    “Why do you think I have this knife?” the wolf asked sarcastically.

    All three of them shrugged. With just one wack the wolf killed Little Red. Then the wolf killed himself (who know why.) Little Red's blood ran down her Red Christian Siriano dress. Before the detectives come, Dahra and Cinderella ran out of the house crying because the had lost their dear friend Little Red Ridinghood.

    Elsewhere, the prince was in his room thinking about what had happened that day. He was debating on if he was right to be king or should he go to medical school. The king and queen then walk into his room.

    “Are you okay?” the queen asked.

    “ Yes, I am mother, but I don't want to be king or get married yet.” the prince said.

    “ You don't have to be, you were just first in line, that's all.” she said.

    “ You can go to medical school and study Pediatrics since that was you passion anyway.” the king said.

    The prince then turned on the news and the murder of Little Red Ridinghood was on. This news cast was airing all over the world and Cinderella and Dahra were watching also. So everyone (well almost everyone) lived their lives to the fullest.

    Seven years went by and the prince became Edward Ryan M.D. (An Intending of Pediatrics.) He lives in Detriot, Michigan and has three children, Ron, Ethan, and Amanda Red.

    Cinderella became a journalist and a newscaster for BBC news in Beverly Hills and lives with her husband Jared and has a daughter named Mellisa. (obviously she lives in Beverly Hills.)

    Dahra went to go study surgery at the University of Oxford in England and became a Cardio- Vascular Surgeon. She lives in London and had two children which are twins, Ryan and Elizabeth.

    As for Dahra and Cinderella's stepsisters, they both lost all their money gambling in Las Vegas and now have to clean houses for a living because their mother died in a car crash two years later.
    Everyone (well almost everyone lived happily ever after.
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