• Bing bong bing! the bell went. Time for lunch. I walk down the hallway with my bento (lunch box) in my hands. Not everyone is looking at me anymore. Thank goodness. I think with a sigh. I walk into the lunchroom to see everyone sitting next to each other, Man, life would be easier if I had someone to sit next to.
    “Hey, new girl! Over here!” A voice calls.
    I glance over to see Miki flapping her arms in the air. I walk over to her.
    “Sit.” she demands and I sit down.
    “Everyone! Attention!” She yells. No one listens to her at first.
    “EX-CA-US-ME!” She screams. The table quiets down.
    “What’s your name?” she whispers to me.
    “Uh.... Emi Suzuki.” I whisper back.
    “Everyone, this is Emi. She’s new here.”
    “Hi Suzuki-san.” they greet me.
    “Um you can call me Emi-chan if you like...” I said quietly.
    Miki sits back down so I do too.
    “So, Emi, where are you from?” She asks me.
    “Um, I’m from America.” I quietly answer.
    “Ah! An American! Hey girls! Emi’s from America!” She broadcasts.
    “What’s it like in America?” A girl asks.
    “How come you have a Japanese name if you’re from America?”
    “Uh.... Umm”
    “What are the schools like?”
    “Where’d you live?”
    “What kind of clothes did you wear?”
    “What’s the food like?”
    “GIRLS! Stop asking her so many questions!” Miki yells at the other girls sitting at the table.
    “So Emi, why did you move to Japan?” she asked me.
    “Um.... well my mom wanted to be closer to her parents because she’s Japanese.”
    “Oh I see. Do you know how to speak English?”
    “How was the school there?”
    “Well it’s a lot different than here.”
    So the conversation goes on and on.