• I was seriously about to throw up, this....thing that abducted me from my house was driving at a steady 130 MPH down twisting and narrow roads with ease while, I, was getting motion sickness. I mean with the way im being tossed around woulden't you? We've been driving for over 3-4 hours now and all I wanted was a bathroom break. At some point in this dangerous ride, I closed my eye's hoping it would ease the sick feeling that was about to become part of the interior, and I succeded. Which lead my into a comfertable quiet sleep...but it only lasted a moment.

    A sound of a care door opening interupted my sleep and when I opened my eye's i was facing my kidnapper. This guy was only an inch or so away from my face and getting the chance to have an upclose look at him... it only made the sick feeling come back. Something was gnawing at my mind though... why'd I fall asleep? I wasn't the least bit tired... I tryed to convince myself it was stress. Ha, and this man didn't bring a dieing women back to life. This guy was deninatly not human of that I was sure. I decided to streach my legs so I got out, but before I could make a run for it he grabbed me by the waist and led me in another direction. This guy was leading me one way while I was using all my strength to go the opposite way. He was really strong then too.
    As he led and I unwillingly followed we reached a spectacular old style mansion! Kind of like the one's you see those rich people in old movie's live in.
    Only this one was bigger, not massive but still fairly big and beyond the gates was a beautiful garden that took up the whole yard! there where shrubs, small tree's, tree's with fruit on them, and just about every flower imaginable!

    He shoved his hands in his pocket to retreive a set of keys and opened the door, insisting I went first. I resisted of course, what good hostage woulden't? "Luna please don't be so stuborn.." He asked sweetly. Inside was as impressive as the outside, if not more! There was a double winding staircase and there were pictures and furnishings there too. I was wondering if it was the living room but Something else caught my eye as well...And it was at the top of the staircase...