• tab I wrinkled my nose in disgust, a frown on my face as I stood in the lunch line, staring as the school’s food of the day. Sloppy Joe. Ick. Beside me, Payne looked horrified. He leaned in, closer to me, and whispered in his beautiful voice, “What is this ..? Poison? There’s no way that can be edible.”
    tab I grimaced as the cafeteria lady slid some of the slop into my tray, and it looked like Payne was about to pass out as she did the same to him, “I’m surprised I haven’t gone vegetarian, with all this crap they give us.”
    tab He laughed, and we each went to the salad bar, after we grabbed our drinks. I got an apple, and headed toward an empty table. I usually sat alone. Payne slipped into the seat across from me, and I blinked, “What are you doing? Stalking me?”
    tab He chuckled, “You’re the only person I truly know, so for now, I guess so.” He drank some Gatorade, but left his food untouched.
    tab I blinked, “Ooh.” I grabbed my apple and nibbled on it, but didn’t touch the other stuff, scared that I’d die, if I ate it.
    tab A girl ran up to the table suddenly, “Oh my god ... Oh my god. Oh My God!” She squealed, reaching out and smoothing her hand over Payne’s hair, “You. Are. So. Hot!” Giggling, she slid in the seat beside him, and basically clung.
    tab I stiffled a laugh, as he gazed at me, letting the girl do what she wished. Raising an eyebrow, he looked at the girl, saying in his uber-sexy voice, “Hello, there. May I ask who you are?”
    tab She squealed again, before giggling and smiling shyly, “My name is Derina. You must be the new student, Payne.”
    tab He nodded, “Why yes, yes I am.” I watched, realizing that he was probably used to girl’s behaving like this toward him.
    tab She giggled yet again, and grabbed his hand. He frowned, knowing what was going to happen before I did. She lifted his hand and flipped it over, gazing at his wrist right as she asked, “You must be .. yes. You are. You’re an emo.” She dropped his hand, got up, and walked away.
    tab I sighed, “Hm. You could have stopped her from doing that.” I glanced toward Derina, as she whispered and gossiped with her friends. Her gaze kept going from Payne to me, as she whispered to her friends. They giggled, gasped, and chuckled in unison.
    tab He shrugged, his smoldering gaze on me as he ignored the gossiping females. He spoke up suddenly with a question that took me off guard, “Hey ... Can I have your phone number? And don’t say 1-800-Get-Lost. I’ve heard that one a million times.”
    tab I blinked, “Uhm .. Sure. Its, um, 555-6262.”
    tab He stood up, smiling and writing it on his napkin, which he slid into his binder. I watched curiously.
    tab "I'll see you later, Keimune," He said, and headed off for class.