• ~`~`~ Ami's Dream~`~`~
    Run!! Get Away escape!! Leave!! NO! She can't Be gone! NOO!!....."Ami your so pale, why?" "I'm not sure." if only she knew the truth....... He came in with two thing he's never used before...the pain it hurts!!...."Foods meant to be eaten not stared at."...."Ami I'm a monster." ....I think I've fallen for him.

    I gasped as I quickly sat up in bed. The door slowly opened and Kazu walked in.

    "You alright Ami?" he asked, his face curios.
    "Yeah." I replied. I flinched as I felt the pain in the back of my foot.
    "Ami?" he asked getting closer. Crap it starting to hurt more.
    "Ami whats wrong?"
    I grabed my foot and tried rubbing it to make the pain away, it didn't work.
    "Ami, let me see." I shook my head, damn it's getting worse.
    "Ami.." I didn't have time to react,1 second he was standing by the door, the next he sitting on the bed rubbing the back of my foot. And..and it..it helps..alot.

    I shiver, jeez he's too damn cold.

    "Thanks." I mumbled to him.
    "No problem." he ruffles my hair.
    "Get some sleep." he says as he leaves.

    What the? I shiver. HEY!! My eyes open. What is on my stomach? I felt somthing..cold? WHAT!!! I turned my head around a little and sure enough Kazu was there. AKWARD..AKWARD AWk. Uh... I shivered,both his arm were around me now..I...I..WHAT...I actually like it.

    "Kazu?" I called out.
    "Shut up, I'm too tired." he rolled over and his arms were gone.

    Part of me wanted them to be back where they were but the other half.. I don't know what it wants. I got up and went to his libary, looking for somthing new to read.

    Found nothing so I took a shower, got dressed and looked at myself in the mirror. Why the hell did Kazu get me this.

    "Mornin'. he said apearing in the door way.
    "Morning." I replied.
    "...So waffles?" he asked.

    We headed to the kitchen and we both cooked breakfest. And then we ate on the couch.

    "Kazu...Thanks alot...for everything." I told him. He sat closer to me and leaned in.. and actually kissed me.This felt so..so.. wonderful. Then he pulled away.

    "Your welcome." he smiled.

    ~~~ Heres a picture with Ami wearing what Kazu got her.~~~

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