• Kingdom of the night

    Chapter one 10 years ago
    “My past”

    Their once was a kingdom ruled by a great king, my father Airy. Who had by his side a queen like no other with the kindest heart. This queen was my mother Sarhlee who was a devil. My father and mother were deeply in love and would not let anything separate them. Those were the days of happiness being with my family, living and enjoying each and everyday. Our kingdom was both peaceful and feared; no other neighboring kingdoms would dear to attack our army. This was because we were different then others kingdoms. The society we had was built up of demons, spirts, vampires, and humans living in harmony. My father was well known for his control in this but he was a human. Therefore his ermines searched for his weakness, which was my mother. He once said to me “that your mother and you are my footstool to my life and kingdom”. He never wanted to part from her and he only cared for her happiness.

    His enemies now knowing this information wanted to use it against him. They sent assassins to take me and my mother’s life numbers of times, but our security was too strong. One night my mother started acting strange, I was about 5 years old back then. She gave me a bracelet that night, which always seemed to glow when I was in trouble. She told me “pick a star at night and name it, then anytime your bracelet glowed like that star you are to call its name”. I’ve never done what she said but someday I might. I remember her walking out my room and minutes later the castle’s alarm sounded. Then guards ran into my room and made sure I was secure and safe. At that moment I heard a cry that awakened this war. That was the night my mother was murdered, that night our peace and harmony was lost.

    For three days my father laid by my mother’s body holding her lifeless hand. He cried for those days only drinking wine. The kingdom was open to the outside and was vulnerable to attacks. Then suddenly one afternoon the alarm sounded. It seems like the Dergo, which was a city of thieves to the far west of our kingdom tried to attack. I was afraid ….afraid this was the end but in a split second I saw rage in my father’s eyes. He grabbed his sword and stormed out the castle swinging in thirst for blood. It seem like he could have won that battle all alone. The Dergo’s was only the first to face the new king reborn. My father was filled with rage as he killed and he did not end there. He wanted to rule the demon world and claim back my mothers soul some how. This is what he though, so he gathered his army but only of demons and monster. The humans in the army was locked up and feed to the soldiers for energy. A war broke out between humans and demons. My father wanted to teach me to inbrease my mother side and let open the devil in me. He knew that her blood ran in me and I had powers that I just need to unlock. I refused and fled my kingdom with the refugees that opposed my father. We’ve hid and killed to survive, I who am human and demon became know as the prince of the “kingdom of night“. It’s now up to me with my fellow demons and humans to stop my father and return my kingdom which my family built back to harmony.

    Chapter 2 present times
    “The battle ahead”