• The bullets rang out on the cover, the soldier put his lancer up in the air and fired blindly at the enemies breathing down his neck. The COG soldier dove out from cover and ran back towards the buildings where his squad mates and him got cut off. The Locust fired on the soldier as he ran for more cover, dodging each bullet, and jumping from cover to cover. He fired back blindly with his service pistol, and slung his lancer around his back. He leaped forward into an opening, to have his own squad mate point his lancer in his face. “Hold your fire!” He yelled. “Two Locust right behind me!” He yelled. The soldier pulled his lancer out of his face and they took positions up against the walls of the door. The enemy rushed in, they both revved their chainsaws and cut down the enemies. Blood splashed everywhere, bone and muscle flew all over as they pulled the lancers out of the Locust. “Nice work son.” the sergeant said. “Its our duty, Sir.” “Move out squad, rendezvous with Bravo Squad!”
    Bravo was up ahead and the COG soldiers had been running for what seemed like hours, but was actually about thirty minutes. They came to an intersection, “Rojas, Check your corners.” the sergeant whispered. Rojas replied with a quick hand signal. He crept up on the corner and peaked around and saw no one, then he turned his head slightly and saw an enemy combatant moving up the alley way by its self. He signaled back and said 1. The sergeant signaled the squad to get ready, Rojas stayed on his corner and watched the enemy. The squad formed up on Rojas, and the sergeant formed up on the other wall. They waited, the enemy passed their alley way without even turning to check it. The sergeant gabbed the enemy and threw it to the ground. The squad put their lancers in its face, it growled at the soldiers. They didn’t hesitate to kill the son of a b***h as soon as the sergeant signaled for them to do so. Four lancers went off, bullets tore into the brain and chest of the Locust monster.