• "Hey Milly." Kota said in a cool, ice voice.
    "Hey Kota. Okay. Why did you invited me here?" I ask concerned; and finishing my bar.
    "Cause, I know we knew each other for like not long at all, but inside, I feel like I like you."
    The words took me to heart. What?? Im confused.
    "Hu? Kota. How? I mean-"
    "I get it. You do-"
    "No! I do. Its- Well, you caught me off guard."
    I laid my head on his lap.
    "I do like you.."

    ((ANNOUNCEMENT! I'VE MISS-PLACED MY STORY! Until I find it. No more! >3< Sowy! ~Nessie.))

    HELLO! :] Since I cant find it...I'll tell you! :] She was talking to Kota bout the night before..When he asked why she did that. She was going to tell, Tiana kissed him on the cheek. She started to get all pissed. So! Class ended she went home and found herself in love with Kota.