• The Life Saver

    Many people assume aliens look weird, but have they ever seen one?
    Well, I have, and they don't look very creepy at all. It was a bright, sunny, normal day. Everything was normal. I was walking to my secret hang-out, a little area on a cliff next to the ocean. That was where I could be left all alone, to think about stuff. Anyways, as I was walking to my hiding place, I heard a whimper. At once, I was attracted to the noise, like a paperclip to a magnet. I raced over there. When I reached the cliff, I saw
    a teddy bear. Then the teddy bear screamed, "Help!!! Pull me up!!!" I did as I was told. The teddy bear thanked me when he was at the top of the cliff. He said, "Phew. I thought I was a goner." The next thing I said was, "Who are you? And what are you doing here?" To answer the teddy bear said, "King Teddy the Third. But just call me KT. I was on my way to my home planet but accidentally hit something when I was crossing over this planet."
    "So where's your ship?" I asked.
    KT (as he will be called from now on) smiled and pulled a remote out of his pocket and pressed a button. All of a sudden, a ship appeared in front of me. King Teddy requested, "Can you please come with me? I can't possibly fly my ship with my arm about ripped off because of hanging on that cliff." "Ok." was my reply. When we boarded the ship the steering wheel of the ship was just like a game controller. "Fly the ship, and I will give the directions." King Teddy said.
    And so, we flew off into the cosmos...
    As we approached his home planet, trouble struck.
    "ASTEROID FIELD!!!" King Teddy shouted.

    After minutes of thinking, KT and I decided just to charge it. I charged up the thrusters, got ready, and charged. I dodged the asteroids great and KT complimented my by saying, "You're a great pilot!" Then, I got to the inner field.(Dun,Dun,Duun) In the inner field,(Dun,Dun,Dunn) there were asteroids EVERYWHERE! There was no room to dodge. I tried to dodge at first, having just enough room to dodge. But, the back of the ship got hit. I lost control and the ship started to get wounded everywhere.
    We couldn't do anything else so we headed back to the outskirts of the field. On the way back, KT yelled at me.
    "What were you thinking!!! Whoever told you how to drive!!!"
    I just kept quiet.

    When we were back on the outskirts, we couldn't decide on a plan. After awhile, I got bored of thinking and started pressing the buttons around the steering wheel. When I pressed a brick-red button the ship shook and fired a navy blue lazer. KT look at me and told me to press the button again. I did so and another lazer fired.
    "EUREKA!!! YOU FOUND THE LAZER CONTROLS!!!" KT said. "How come you didn't know about them?" I asked. He answered by saying, " I usually have a chauffeur." Then we devised a plan. We would fly the ship, but this time we would fire the lazer rapidly. And that's what we just did. We charged through the asteroid field. (again >.< wink We fired the lazer, over, and over, and over again. It was a slow process but it was working. We were almost to the planet, and as we were shooting down part of the
    inner field (Dun,Dun,Duuun.) I heard a faint beeping sound.
    "What's that?" I asked.
    KT walked up to the control screen and looked at it. "Turn back." He commanded. "Why?" I asked.
    The next thing I knew, I couldn't fire any more lazers. "That's why. The ship has run out of battery." Just then, an asteroid hit the ship.
    "Heading back!" I swiftly said.

    When we reached the outskirts, we had pretty much had given up hope. "Just circle around the planet." KT said with a sigh, "I'll never see my people again."
    "Don't be upset." I said as I put the ship back into gear, "There's hope. There's always hope." And so, we circled the planet, time after time again. We were about to just give up when we saw something. A break in the asteroid field! I flew the ship over there.
    "I told you there's hope." I said.
    We flew in closer to the break.
    "We've got only one chance."
    I charged up the boosters, and zoomed straight at the break.
    "We're gonna make it!" I joyously announced. We're about to exit the asteroid field. Then, out of the blue, tragedy struck. An asteroid hit the back of the ship. It was the final knock-out blow. The engine and everything on the ship went out. The electric lock on the cargo bay went out too. The cargo bay door opened. We were approaching the planet at hypersonic speed. Then, my seat belt broke. I fell off my seat and flew out the cargo bay. I was able to grab the handle of the cargo door. "HELP!!! HELP ME!!!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. "I CAN'T HOLD ON ANY LONGER!!!" Without any more strength in me, I let go. I closed my eyes waiting for death. But I didn't move. I opened my eyes to see KT grabbing my hand.
    "You saved me, and now I will save you." He smiled. He raised me back up into the ship. The next thing I knew, I fainted.

    When I woke up, I was in the hospital next to my house. There were casts and bandages all over my body. My family was at my side.
    "He's awake." My dad said.
    My mom then said,"We were so scared! First you were gone for a few days, and the next thing we knew you were outside our house all banged up!"
    "I guess I was worried." My uncaring brother said.
    I then noticed something in my hand. It was a teddy bear, and it looked like KT.
    "Oh that, you were hugging that when we found you." My mom said.
    That night, I was able to go home. When I knew my whole family was asleep, I climbed to the roof. I looked up at the sky, and saw a shooting star.
    "I wish I could see KT again." I said with all my hope.
    The next second I heard a booming voice, "Wanna go for a ride?"
    I looked at where the voice came from and I saw him.
    "KT!!! You're back!!!"
    I hugged KT.
    "And ya I wanna go for a ride."

    The End