• I sat down and the others circled up.

    "Three evil men- Vaati, Bellum and Ganondorf- have joined forces. They have figured out how to combine their power together and morph into a gastly creature known as Gavondrein. In order to defeat him, we need the items of the hero of time and his past forms."
    Alice piped up. "Gavondrein? Who is he?"
    Zelda beat me to it. "The King of Phantom Winds is evil beyond anything Hyrule has seen before. Cura, love, do you know Link's whereabouts?
    "I wish. I haven't been able to track him for days. Something is up with the stupid spell."
    "I-" Zelda stopped in her sentence. "Alice! Cura! Lena! It's-"
    "What?" I fumbled in front of her.
    "The Triforce- it's fading from my hand."
    "This can't be good......"

    Later, it came back, but I knew it wouldn't stay for long.
    "Ok, circle up!" Alice called.
    "Zelda, your job is to get the Ocarina from Hyrule. Cura, you have to go to flooded Hyrule and get the Wind Waker and the Phantom Hourglass. Alice, you and I need to go to Termina, to get the masks we need, and to Old Hyrule, to seek help from a Magic Hat named Ezlo."
    "Do you think we can pull it off?" Cura asked.
    "If we have strength, be wise and endure, we will make it through. Zelda, you also need to kill Ganondorf before he can fuse with Vaati and Bellum. Do you understand your missions?"
    "Yes," they all responded.
    "Alright. Meeting dismissed."