• Ray woke with a start. That was one of the worst dreams, or rather, memories, to think about at a time like this. Some fresh air would make her feel better, so she picked herself up off the forever green floor of the forest, and headed off in a direction that wasn't on the path. Ray studied everything carefully, every branch, every tree, every little detail that could come in handy later.

    Ray was positive is was around 9:00 A.M. so she sped up a little, and didn't notice that creeping shadow flashing up behind her. Before Ray could even gasp something hit her pressure point and she fainted.

    When Ray woke up, she was on the ground next to a peculiar bug nest. She studied it. Closer, and closer, and closer, until finally her nose was hovering next to it. Suddenly a bright red and black bug silently wisped out of the nest, to only crash into Ray's left cheek. Shocked, Ray back up into the tree. She felt like the insect was going to kill her or something. She heard a quiet snicker from a few meters away, and turned on reaction.

    "Well, well, what do we have here?" a man with washed brown hair, over his left eye, and he had a camo cargo pants with no shirt.

    "Who wants to know?" Ray answered, her voice edgy.

    "I do. Name's Dakru Itsuma!" He had an admirable grin.

    To Ray's embarrassment her stomach grumbled, and Dakru chuckled.

    "Want something to eat?" He asked, grinning in amusment.

    "You win." Ray mumbled, her mid-back long hair ruffling as she stood up.

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