• It felt like one of those never ending nightmares. No matter how hard I tried, I just couldn't see the sun anymore. No more light surrounded my already black world.
    The last bit of hope faded away as a howl in the distance was cut off into an ear shattering cry for help. I yelped softly, fighting back the tears that pushed through the corners of my dark eyes. Running was now the only choice for survival.
    I ran faster and faster, my vision forming into small slits as I looked forward. This was the last of my energy. Normally, I'd be able to run for hours on in, but smelling him made me loose the last bit of strength I had left to fight on; and the last chance I had to save my family.
    He'd won.
    50 yards.
    25 yards.
    15 yards.
    And then, at 5 yards from me, I skidded to a stop. It happened so fast. I starred up into his red eyes, asking for forgiveness, but I knew none was there. A snarl ripped from my inner throat as I thought of what he'd done to the people who brought my life into theirs. The people who showed no boundaries in levels of kindness and love. It seemed that when you face two groups of people you learn to love, it can't expand to reach all of them. Maybe that's why people went mad. Lack of what everyone needs to survive, someone to love.
    And I was looking at my true love's blood red eyes, ready to kill me at any moment.