• It was a very humid summers day. The sun was shining over us all as we all ran out of the old school building. It was the last day of school and we were all happy about it. Mathew and I grabbed our skateboards from the side of the school and raced towards our house. When we got there our parents were outside waiting for us. They said that they were going out shopping for a little bit and that they would be back home before dinner time and that we were to stay out of trouble until they got back.
    Once they left we locked our house and raced to the park as fast as the wheels on our boards would carry us. We were going to meet up with our friends. Their names were Anna and Steven. We had known them forever, considering they were our cousins. We all loved music. I love to sing, Mathew, plays the drums, Anna plays the electric guitar, and Steven plays the keyboard. We actually have a band called The Rockers. It is pretty awesome having a band with your cousins.
    We have writen many songs in the past too. We just never made up names for them. Our parents are always telling us that we are crazy and that what's the point of making a band if no one knows about you. It makes us pretty mad, but in the end we just keep doing what we were doing no matter what anyone says. But our parents had one thing right......we did need to get people to notice us. The only peole we had ever played for were people in our family.
    When we got there Anna and Steven were waiting for us by the big stone water fountain in the middle of the park. We met here every Friday after school to skateboard and talk. No one else was usually in the park on Fridays because we were dangerous and would try anything on our boards. One time we were racing through the park jumping over any obstacle we could find. Well, we were speeding down the walkway and we didn't notice that there was a bench in front of us that an old lady was sitting on. We were going so fast that we couldn't stop so we ended up having to jump over the little old lady, almost causing her to have a heart attack! But on the bright side no one got hurt and the old lady had something to tell her friends at the nursing home.
    Of course our parents don't know we do this and we don't want them to find out either! I don't want to know the punishment for jumping over innocent old ladies! Especcially if we weren't wearing our helmets! Well, today instead of being hazards to the park we just decided to hang out and talk. We were talking mostly about school and how glad we were to get out of it. Mathew and Steven didn't find that topic interesting enough I guess because they started to talk about the wierd old lunch lady at our school that had a mustache!
    After our boring walk in the park we went back to my house. My parents were already home and dinner was done. Anna and Steven ended up staying over our house that night.