• Chapter 1

    A bleary eyed, hollow Sun rises reluctantly, kicking off the clichéd duvets of cloud. Dusty sunbeams soar across a murky grey sky. Struggling to shine, they fade away with hopelessness. All the creatures below shiver sporadically in unison as the grass gasps for warmth under waves of snow. Someone slips on icy concrete. A child concentrates furiously on making the perfect snowman. Trucks grumble along, spewing grit upon the thawing roads.

    A single snowflake lingers on the tip of her eyelash.

    She looks politely impressed and amused at my reverie, but I can tell that her mind is elsewhere. Besides, I know too well that she could quite easily just have a quick glance outside, improve upon my observations and, in a second or two, say something so captivating
    that it would put every single musing of my irrationally long existence to shame.

    That’s another thing I liked about Variel Phoenix; she didn’t just gaze wide-eyed at the world outside her window.

    She inhaled its poetry.