• My name is Mikey. I'm a slightly scrawny, clumsy 16 year old that has never had meat before. That's right. I'm a vegetarian. My best, and only friend is the fast, athletic, overconfident Greg.
    This is how it all started...

    "Mom! I'm going to be late! We have those race things in gym today! I need to warm
    up if I don't wanna be last again!" I yelled impatiently.
    "Why don't you just jog to school hun, that'll get you warmed up" said mom.
    "Fine, I'm going" I said huffily " But if I get hit by a car on my way to school, it's your fault!"
    "I love you" mom said
    "Love ya too, bye" I said while starting to run out the door.
    Of course Greg was out there. And he probably wanted to race too.
    "Hi Greg" I said slightly annoyed.
    "Hi, thought you'd want to get pumped, what better way then losing against me to race to school?" Greg said teasingly.
    "Grrr... If I'm gonna get creamed by you later, why do I have to now?!" I said angrily.
    "Well, it'll get you used to the feeling then." said Greg "Now lets go before the races start slowpoke"

    Later at school
    "I don't feel too good" I said to myself.
    "You'll do fine" said Greg overhearing.
    My legs and arms ached along with my stomach... I also had a weird sensation in my chest.
    "You look kinda pale" said my Gym coach.
    "I do?" I said
    "Well, don't think it's gonna get you outta the races boy" growled the coach "Now go line up"

    "On your mark, Get set, GO!!!" said coach.
    My legs started pumping hard, and all I really did was stare at the floor, knowing that my parents were watching me lose.
    But then I looked up, and to my surprise, I was behind Greg, and I wasn't even tired!
    I pumped my legs harder and got in the lead.
    As I passed Greg he said "WHOA!!!" tripped, and almost fell.
    I chuckled to myself and ran even faster. I looked at the stands just to see my hateful father extremely pale and my mother's mouth open in awe. My gym coach did both of those.
    Then I passed the line!

    Greg came in second, stared at me in disbelief, and said "You have to have cheated."
    Then I fainted...

    To be continued if enough people comment...